Do you know your news? 10/4

Nic Muranaka

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), second from left, speaking during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in Washington, D.C., on Sept. 28. (Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press/TNS)

1. After the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Sept. 27, the committee voted to advance Kavanaugh’s nomination to the floor. However, the vote for his nomination has been delayed at least a week. Why?

a. More accusers came forward and the Senate Judiciary Committee placed the nomination vote on hold.

b. Sen. Jeff Flake said he was uncomfortable voting on Kavanaugh without an FBI investigation into the allegations against Kavanaugh.

c. Kavanaugh himself called for the nomination vote to be placed on hold in the wake of the nationally-stirring hearing.

2. Back in August of this year, Elon Musk damaged Tesla stock by tweeting to his 22 million Twitter followers that he was considering a deal to take his company private. The Securities and Exchange Commission charged Musk with fraud and took him to court. The case resolved recently; what was the resolution?

a. The court ruled in favor of no charges against Musk

b. The court ruled in favor of charges against Musk and he will face prison time for the action

c. Musk and the SEC reached a settlement, and Musk faces fines for the action.

3. Which hip-hop artist was taken into custody Oct. 1 following charges in August about a dispute at a strip club in Queens?

a. Cardi B

b. Young Thug

c. Travis Scott

4. The earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia has caused how many casualties so far?

a. Less than 500

b. Between 500 and 1,000

c. More than 1,000

5. Poland has offered the U.S. how much money if the U.S. will build a military base there?

a. $2 million

b. $2 billion

c. $2 trillion


1. b. While Flake voted to advance the nomination, he asked for an FBI investigation. Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Sen. Susan Collins both backed the call, according to the Los Angeles Times. On Sept. 28, the Trump administration approved an investigation, which has delayed the vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination.

2. c. According to the Los Angeles Times, the SEC and Musk settled, and Musk gets to stay on as CEO of Tesla under a few conditions: he must pay a $20 million fine and he must step down as chairman of the company. CNNTech also reported that according to court filings, he cannot seek reelection for three years. The settlement is pending court approval.

Tesla, under a separate agreement, has agreed to pay $20 million of its own to settle claims that it failed to police Musk’s tweet.

3. a. Cardi B voluntarily turned herself over to authorities in New York and was arrested and then released, according to the New York Times. She appears in court Oct. 29 for charges that include one count of third-degree assault and two accounts of reckless endangerment. Young Thug was arrested early September on drug charges from a year ago.

4. c. The death count from the earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia has hit 1,200, and, the Los Angeles Times reported, that number is set to keep rising. As of Sept. 30, many coastal towns have still not reported casualties in the wake of the disaster.

5. b. Polish President Andrzej Duda has jokingly suggested that the permanent military base, if built, should be named “Fort Trump” and Poland has offered the U.S. $2 billion to make it happen. The Los Angeles Times reported that Poland, which has historically had difficulties with external forces such as Germany and Russia, invading, and the base would help provide security to the nation.