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Pan-Asian Week: A celebration of heritage and culture

Cooper Hatsis, Reporter March 21, 2023

The Asian Student Involvement Association at Weber State University celebrated their fourth annual Pan-Asia week from March 13-17. This week-long celebration of activities gives students the opportunity...

Semana Panasiática: Una celebración del patrimonio y la cultura

Daniela Imbrett, Traductor March 21, 2023

La Asociación de Participación de Estudiantes Asiáticos de Weber State University celebró su cuarta semana anual de Pan-Asia del 13 al 17 de marzo. Esta celebración de actividades de una semana de...

Students enjoying lunch at the Latinos in Action Youth Leadership Conference. Taken in April 2018.

Amplificando a los estudiantes hispanos de WSU

Daniela Imbrett, Traductor March 14, 2023

Weber State University ha experimentado un crecimiento de estudiantes hispanos y latinos en los últimos años. WSU está trabajando para convertirse en una institución emergente al servicio de los hispanos...

Weber State Universitys Ogden campus surrounded by snow.

Amplifying Hispanic students at WSU

Cooper Hatsis, Reporter March 14, 2023

Weber State University has experienced a growth in Hispanic and Latino students over the past several years. WSU is working to become an emerging Hispanic Serving Institution with a strategized five-year...

An official movie poster for Universal Pictures Cocaine Bear.

Opinion: Movie review corner: “Cocaine Bear”

Cooper Hatsis, Reporter February 28, 2023

An apex predator high on cocaine, “Cocaine Bear” is the latest film from actor-turned-filmmaker Elizabeth Banks. This new horror comedy is inspired by true events. In 1985, drug smuggler Andrew...

Jaden Chandie Nandkeshwar as Sophia.

Opening an original: “Matchstick Girl”

Cooper Hatsis, Reporter February 23, 2023

An all-new musical, “Matchstick Girl,” is coming to Weber State University, premiering on Feb. 24 and 25 at 7:30 p.m. in the Browning Center. The musical will have more showings starting on March 1-4. “Matchstick...

Jaden Chandie Nandkeshwar performing as Sophia, the titular character of Matchstick Girl.

Abriendo un original: “Matchstick Girl”

Marianna Lopez Luritta, Traductor February 23, 2023

Un musical totalmente nuevo, "Matchstick Girl", llega a Weber State University, estrenándose el 24 y 25 de febrero a las 7:30 p.m. en el Browning Center. El musical tendrá más funciones a partir del...

Two of the Chinese vampire movies available to watch in the Wildcat Theater.

Cross-cultural creature features

February 21, 2023

Every Monday, Weber State University students can catch a screening of hand-selected Chinese vampire movies in the Wildcat Theater. Blair Sterrett, a film professor at Weber State, hosts these screenings...

Criaturas interculturales

Nathanael Stout, Traductor February 21, 2023

Cada lunes, los estudiantes de la universidad Weber State pueden ver una proyección de una película china de vampiros de una colección seleccionada a mano. Blair Sterrett, un profesor cinematográfico...

Becoming Native by Tamara Kostianovsky created with discarded textiles on wood.

Flesh fabrications

Cooper Hatsis, Reporter February 9, 2023

“Mesmerizing Flesh” is a display using textiles and fabrics to symbolize carcasses. This provocative display by Argentinian textile artist Tamara Kostianovsky is at the Ogden Contemporary Arts Center...

Becoming Native by Tamara Kostianovsky created with discarded textiles on wood.

Fabricaciones de carne y hueso

Nathanael Stout and Cooper Hatsis February 9, 2023

“Carne hipnótica” es una obra que usa textiles y tejidos para simbolizar cadáveres. Esta obra provocativo por la artista de textiles Tamara Kostianovsky está en museo de arte contemporáneo de Ogden...

Seeing Sundance

Seeing Sundance

Cooper Hatsis, Reporter January 31, 2023

Weber State University students and Ogden community members gathered in the Wildcat Theater on Jan. 24 for a free screening of “Animalia,” a feature film that is being shown in this year's Sundance...

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