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A student is tutored in developmental math in the campus Math Hub. (The Signpost Archives)

Developmental math program, one size does not fit all

Emilee Atkinson April 19, 2017

In 2012, computer science major Frankie Ruttenbur was enrolled in the developmental math program. She was taking Math 950 and struggled throughout the class, especially when it came time to take the final. “I...

Elisha Harkins performs a Cherokee Disco Opera titled What You Pawn I Will Redeem at Mary Elizabeth Dee Shaw Gallerys opening night for We Are The People, an exhibition featuring works by indigenous artists. (Emily Crooks / The Signpost)

Shaw Gallery breaks stereotypes

Emilee Atkinson March 22, 2016
International gallery visits Utah.
The current pop-up exhibit is in Alessandor Rachaels home. Art by Macie Hamblin
(Source: Alessandor Rachael)

Ogden’s art scene gets overhauled

Emilee Atkinson January 31, 2016

When students go to college, usually their goal is to gain skills and experience that will allow them to pursue their career paths. The Ogden Museum of Contemporary Art, founded by Weber State University...

New Love was released in October of 2015 and is an album for those who enjoy indie and pop music.

“New Love” offers new experience

Emilee Atkinson January 30, 2016

Kickstarter is a fairly well-known site. Posts on the site go viral all the time, but have you ever wondered what would happen if you became famous because of your Kickstarter? Allison Weiss gleaned...

Students, staff, and faculty wait outside the Shepherd Union building after having been evacuated by a fire alarm on Jan. 25, 2016. (Emily Crooks / The Signpost)

Shepherd Union evacuated

Emilee Atkinson January 25, 2016

Students, staff and faculty were evacuated from the Shepherd Union Building around 3 p.m. on Jan. 25. As the fire alarm rang, students filed out into the cold wondering what happened. The alarm interrupted...

Supergroup releases new album

Supergroup releases new album

Emilee Atkinson January 25, 2016

A supergroup is a band whose members are already successful artists as a solo act or another band. The term is mostly used in rock and pop groups, and has been around since the 1960's. The band Cream...

A Danger to God Himself by John Draper is available on Amazon as a Kindle version, or paperback.

Author gains appreciation for religion through novel

Emilee Atkinson January 15, 2016

When author John Draper set out to write "A Danger to God Himself," he had one thing in mind—"To write a novel that would skewer Mormonism." However, by the end of the process, his beliefs changed about...

Rusty Conway and daughter Kyann Conway, 7, sled at Mt. Ogden Park. (Christina Huerta / The Signpost)

Cheap Weekly: Sledding 101

Emilee Atkinson January 12, 2016

Utah is infamous for its crazy weather. For one half of the year we get severe heat waves, and for the other half we get serious snow storms. While summer is a time for sprinklers and the drive-in,...

Llamando a los estudiantes de primer año: consejos para su primer año

Emilee Atkinson August 24, 2015

Al entrar en la universidad como estudiantes de primer año puede ser una experiencia aterradora. Hay un montón de cosas acerca de la universidad que la escuela preparatoria no le ha preparado. La experiencia...

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