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Five Crazy Headlines

crazyHeadlinesSanctuary for a fowl soul

Just days before Thanksgiving, one turkey turned to a church in hopes of getting a reprieve from the dinner table.

A large turkey showed up on the doorstep of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Orlando, Florida on the Friday before Thanksgiving and spent the entire day pacing outside the church and looking in through its windows.

The turkey became known as St. Luke’s Turkey as pictures of it spread through social media. It later left the area. Staff members at the church were unable to find an animal rescue organization to retrieve the bird.


Big cheese in smuggling ring arrested

Niagara Regional Police officer Scott Heron was convicted of running a large-scale smuggling operation and breach of trust and was sentenced to four months in jail by a Canadian court.

The items being smuggled? Cheese and chicken wings.

Heron’s smuggling operation was discovered while authorities were investigating a steroid smuggling operation being run by a former NRP constable in 2012.

Prosecutors said that Heron recruited other people to help him with the smuggling operation and then used his position as an officer to check police computers to make sure there was not an investigation being conducted on his operation.

Source: Welland Tribune

Congrats on getting off probation! Now you’re under arrest

What’s the best way to celebrate your probation ending? Getting arrested probably wasn’t what 23-year-old Krystal Kurlowich had in mind.

After her probation over drug charges ended, Kurlowich met up with friends at a motel for a party complete with marijuana, other drugs and alcohol to celebrate.

Police officers were called to the motel after receiving a complaint from a neighboring room. When officers entered the motel room they found the drugs and alcohol along with a strobe light and glow sticks.

Kurlowich and one of the party members were placed under arrest, with Kurlowich later being admitted to a mental health facility.

Source: NBC 2

Leave the gun, take the falafel

Last week the Sicilian Mafia gave a warning to ISIS—New York City is protected by the Mafia.

After the Paris terrorist attacks, ISIS released a video threatening attacks in New York City. Giovanni Gambino, the son of reputed former mafia boss John Gambino, declared that people living in New York neighborhoods with Sicilian ties should feel safe because of the Mafia’s protection.

Gambino went on to say that the Sicilian Mafia makes sure that their friends and families are well protected from extremist groups, and that terror cells haven’t been able to pop up in Sicily because Islamic extremist groups fear the Mafia.


Give me just 10 more years, I gotta finish this game

After being presumed dead for 10 years, a Chinese woman was found alive last week living in an Internet cafe.

Xiao Yun ran away from home 10 years ago after a fight with her parents. Since leaving home, Yun had been spending her days playing “CrossFire” and sleeping in cafes and bath houses.

She relied on handouts from patrons of the Internet cafes where she stayed and also occasionally worked part time as a cashier to earn more money.

Yun was found by officers while conducting a routine check on an Internet cafe early in the morning. Yun was fined 1,000 yuan and was eventually persuaded to contact her parents to let them know she was alive.

Source: The Star Online

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