Dorms on campus provide different experiences

Brittany Andreasen

stewart wasatch hall
Stewart Wasatch Hall is one of the three residence halls that make up Wildcat Village—the closest university housing option to campus. (Source: The Signpost)

The smell of Sodexo pizza and fries dominates the dining hall of the Stewart Wasatch Residence Hall.

Stewart Wasatch, one of the residence halls that make up Wildcat Village, is the recommended dorm to choose for incoming freshman, but it’s not the only choice.

Weber State University has two different styles of dormitories for students who want to live on campus.

University Village is an apartment-style dorm, meaning that the residents have their own rooms, and share a bathroom, community living room and a kitchen. It is located near the Dee Events Center south of campus.

Wildcat Village encompasses more traditional style dormitories. Buildings one and two feature double or triple occupancy bedrooms and a shared bathroom area, although you can pay more to have a single room. A community kitchen on each floor is easily accessible and all students are required to have a meal plan.

Building three has the same features, with the small difference of community bathrooms. The dining hall is located in Stewart Wasatch, where residents are offered choices for how many meals per week they would like to purchase and the amount of “dining dollars” they would like.

univeristy village
University Village is located south of the Dee Events Center and offers students an apartment-style housing option. (Source: The Signpost)

Jordan Dockter, a resident assistant (RA) at Wildcat Village, has lived in both University Village and Wildcat Village and says she prefers Wildcat Village.

“You’re just thrown into that social situation,” Dockter said. “You’re required to get a meal plan so you’re there and everyone’s there.”

Jamieson Strople, a current resident of Wildcat Village, liked his experiences in both housing options, but preferred Wildcat Village due to how close it was to campus.

Student Richard Campos also agreed with Stople, adding that he had to drive a lot more when he lived at University Village.

Strople noted that University Village might be preferable for residents who are more studious and less social.

The only real complaint about Wildcat Village seemed to be about the food.

“I don’t like that there isn’t a breakfast at the dining hall because there’s only a dinner and a late night,” Dockter said.

Strople also mentioned the food options as something he felt could be improved at Wildcat Village.

“I don’t like that we can’t do breakfast more or less every day or that you’re pretty much limited with food options,” Strople said. “They almost have the exact same food over and over again.”

Campos noted that during the summer he lived at UV he lost almost 20 pounds because he wasn’t eating only dorm food.

“I’m cooking my own food every now and again, because for me it’s definitely the healthiest option,” Stople said.

Overall, Dockter said she feels like the dorms at Weber State provided a good living situation for students on campus.

“A lot of people don’t realize how nice we have it here compared to other living spaces, compared to other universities,” Dockter said.