Student senate president: “Bridges not barriers”

The Signpost

jeffrey_henryHello, Student Body!

My name is Jeffrey Henry, and I’m this year’s legislative vice president, more commonly known as senate president. When you see me, call me Jeff. I have the honor and role this year along with 22 other senators and all of WSUSA to serve you, the student attending Weber State University.

Weber is a home-town university with the largest and most inclusive student government in the state of Utah. Through advocacy, my job along with the other senators is to effectively communicate your concerns and needs to administrators while attending WSU. This is done by linking students, faculty and staff toward solutions that will enhance the diversity and academic environment of the WSU experience.

You’re a Wildcat now. Every student’s journey and experience at Weber is a unique one, and you’re not alone. Each student has a minimum of two representatives in student government, so when you see any one of us, feel free to talk to us because your voices will be heard. Senate is about “Bridges Not Barriers.”