The Dude's urban hiking trips: From University Village

(Tyler Hall / The Signpost)
(Tyler Hall / The Signpost)

University Village to Beus Trailhead

Trailhead: University Village

Difficulty: 20 minute Stairmaster

Distance: 0.9 miles

Average time: 24 minutes

Suggested water amount: ½ gallon

Precautions: Vehicles and weather


Not every college student has a car, or even a friend with a car, but everyone wants to get away from college for a moment and experience all the natural wonders of living in Ogden. The urban hike, or walking along surface roads, is a great way of extending a small trail out to an easier, longer hike but with some of the same dangers as trail hiking.

Starting on the 4600 South side of University Village, it is as simple as stepping outside the residence halls, taking a right and heading straight up the road until you reach the Beus Trailhead. The urban hike requires awareness of vehicles and weather endurance.

It’s summer and, according the Utah Department of Transportation’s website, when it is 95 degrees outside between the hours of noon and 3 p.m., the surface temperature of the road can be between 115 degrees and 140 degrees. For comparison, says pork is safe to eat at 145 degrees. While you might not want to throw pork chops on the roadway, that level and type of heat will place you in danger of heat stroke or lesser heat disorders, so drink water, and carry more than you need.

The University Village urban hike is pretty much like a Stairmaster workout with a few level points, but just a mile up the road, you will reach the Beus Trailhead, which is covered in trees and shade.

Plan to take a few minutes to enjoy it before venturing back home or heading farther up the trail to the Bonneville Shoreline, Mount Ogden Saddle or Mount Ogden itself.

Grab a jug of water and head up the road to adventure. If you see me, say, “Hey, Dude,” and let me know about your happy hiking adventures.