News in brief: College namesake dies, Juneteenth, Phishing scam

Weber State

Telitha Lindquist, center, at the 2011 Fireworks and Pops Concert sponsored by the Lindquists (Photo Credit: Telitha E. Lindquist College of Arts & Humanities)

WSU College of Arts and Humanities namesake dies

Longtime Ogden resident and Weber State University supporter Telitha Lindquist passed away Wednesday at the age of 94.

In a post on the Weber State University Facebook page announcing her death, WSU said Lindquist had contributed greatly to both the development of the university and its students for the last 65 years.

In 2007, the College of Arts and Humanities at Weber State was named in her honor.

Juneteenth Celebration to take place at WSU this weekend

The Project Success Coalition will hold its annual Juneteenth Celebration on Weber State University campus on June 19 and 20.

The coalition was founded with the goal to improve the life quality of Africans and African Americans, although the festivities will open to everyone.The Juneteenth festival has been part of the organization’s calendar for 150 years.

According to a press release, offerings include life entertainment, food and games for all ages. Medical screenings and opportunities to find out more about one’s ancestry will also be provided at no charge.

The Juneteenth Festival will take place on and around Bell Tower Plaza and go from noon until 9 p.m. both on Friday and Saturday.

Phishing scam reported on campus

The WSU Information Security Office sent out an email alert on Friday notifying students of phishing scam attempts that had been made through campus emails ending in

The alert said that the emails had multiple different subject lines, but all of the emails claimed to be sharing a Google Doc through a shortened URL. The link leads to a false website that contains malware and also asks for the person’s username and password.

The Information Security office says that anyone who clicked on the link should scan their computer for viruses, and anyone who entered their password into the website should immediately change it.