Five Crazy Headlines: Bi-veggie plant and illegal memes

A meme featuring President Barak Obama. Russia recently banned all memes featuring public figures that has nothing to do with their personality ( / Public Domain)
A meme featuring President Barack Obama. Russia recently banned all memes featuring public figures that have nothing to do with their personality ( / Public Domain)

From a plant that grows both tomatoes and potatoes to Russia banning Internet memes, here’s this week’s five crazy headlines!

  1. A plant that grows both tomatoes and potatoes now for sale in the U.S. 

Dubbed Ketchup ‘n’ Fries, a plant developed in the Netherlands that can simultaneously grow both tomatoes and potatoes is now available in the U.S.

Initial stocks of the plant from various retailers have already sold out, as enthusiasts from Southern California claimed many of the first orders. Horticulturists noted that tomatoes and potatoes are close genetically, which made this creation a little easier to pull off.

Source: Orange County Register

  1. ‘Warm blob’ in Pacific Ocean linked to weird weather

A persistent patch of warm water just off the U.S. West Coast is to blame for this year’s wacky weather, according to scientists.

The mass of water stayed a few degrees Celsius warmer than its surroundings during early 2014, influencing the weather on the West Coast. Ten months later, it was still there, causing additional mayhem for the East Coast in the form of record-breaking snowstorms by creating a high pressure ridge along the West Coast.

Source: Mach Principle

  1. UK election candidate to be grilled by police over claims he tried to ‘corruptly influence’ voters with sausage rolls 

A candidate in the UK’s independence party allegedly tried to win voters over by laying out sausage rolls during an event.

Candidate Kim Rose, 57, is calling the investigation ridiculous, but according to UK election policies, candidates cannot provide food or entertainment to voters in order to sway their votes.

No grievances have yet been filed against him with WSUSA.

Source: Daily Mail

  1. Russia just made a ton of Internet memes illegal

Russia’s media agency recently announced a ban on Internet memes depicting public figures.

Apparently, the ban had been in place for a while, though it wasn’t enforced until a recent lawsuit filed by a Russian singer against a popular local social media site brought it to the agency’s attention.

It has nothing to do with Putin’s hilarious meme presence. Nothing at all.

Source: Washington Post

  1. Mayor sued after blowing budget on giant robot statue

When Turkish mayor of Ankara, Melih Gökçek, unveiled a giant metal statue of a robot to his town last week, he probably did not expect to be sued over it.

The Turkish Union of Engineers saw only a gross misappropriation of taxpayer funds and intend to see Mayor Gökçek in court over it. In response, the mayor replied—and these are his actual words—“Respect the robot.” It may be a strange sentiment given his current position.

Source: Unilad