Wildcats make mindful food choices

A handful of different tomatoes.  (Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain)
Some Weber State University students enjoy having a variety of healthy choices on campus. (Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain)

For many students at Weber State University, eating nutritious food and living a healthy lifestyle is a top priority.

Eating on campus in the cafeteria or with the Dining Services program is one of the ways WSU students grab something to eat during their busy days, and knowing healthy options are available is important.

Cassi Mecham, student and employee at the Atrium Café, said she loves to get a salad at Lotza Global Café.

“It’s super good, and when I get it without the tortilla, it is pretty healthy for me too,” said Mecham.

Dining Services has posted small icons on restaurant menus to help students make informed decisions on what they are eating. These colorful symbols next to menu items show if the food choice is vegan, organic, gluten free, vegetarian or mindful.

Jesslyn Abendroth, full time student, says that she is “ever mindful” of her food choices, especially on campus.

“My friend and I have a ‘no sugar’ challenge going on,” said Abendroth. “When I eat on campus I make sure that whatever I eat doesn’t have added sugar. Thankfully, there are lots of good choices available if you look for them.”

Walking into the Quick Zone on campus, full-time student, Andrea Carlstorm always passes the Krispy Kreme donut display and heads for the yogurt and fresh fruit.

“I really try to be in tune with my body and what I want and what I need,” said Carlstorm.

For Carlstorm, eating healthy wasn’t always easy or the obvious choice. In high school, Carlstorm was anorexic.

“I had really low self-esteem and felt that if I was anorexic I would be prettier and have a boyfriend. Dumb I know,” Carlstorm said with a tight laugh.

But today Carlstorm doesn’t allow her struggles and insecurities to affect her eating habits.

“I have been over it now for six years and really focus on eating when I am hungry and taking care of my body,” said Carlstorm.

Carlstorm believes that eating on campus can be good if you select the healthiest options available, which are the same principles WSU Dining Services is trying to help students understand.

On the Dining Services website there are videos, articles, dietitian interviews and options for students looking for more information about healthy eating options on campus.