4 YouTube singer-songwriters you should know

YouTube artist Sammy Rae, above, has been creating quirky melodies for over seven years.  (Source: Sammy Rae Music)

The magic of YouTube can be used for many things, laughing at the misfortune of others, learning how to do virtually any task and of course I can’t forget ogling at those adorable cat videos.

It’s also been used to create the music industry’s next big stars. Justin Bieber, Mac Lethal and Utah’s own Lindsey Stirling are just a few names to make it from the computer screen to the big time. Thousands of prospective musicians turn to YouTube for a chance to be heard.

Here are 4 YouTube musicians you should be listening to right now.

Jasmine Thompson

Perhaps the most popular musician on this list, Jasmine Thompson has gained over 100 million views since joining YouTube in 2010. Performing vocal covers of popular songs, the 14-year-old went viral with her 2013 cover of Passenger’s “Let Her Go.”

Shortly after, Thompson released her full album of cover songs, “Bundle of Tantrums” which peaked at number 8 on the US Billboard Heatseekers charts. The London singer is in the infancy of her success as a musician, as she continues to rise to the top.

Andie Childs

Bubbly and charming are two word which describe the personality of Andie Childs. Known on YouTube simply as Andie, the acoustic guitar strumming, Australian singer has over 11 million views and climbing on YouTube.

What sets Andie apart from other YouTube singers is her opinionated monologues. Andie adds a unique flare to every video she produces. Starting nearly every video off with an eccentric, “Hello!” said in her signature Australian accent. Andie is both loveable and feisty in her delivery. Listen to Andie if you simply need something to make you feel good and carefree.

Sammy Rae

Sammy Rae has grown up on YouTube. Joining the site in 2007, Rae began her music career at 14-years-old. Performing quirky ukulele tunes and original piano medleys, Rae was simply a kid following her dreams. The hope and true love for music Rae contains is infectious in her videos.

Her songs breathe with the desire to become something more. Rae’s music has matured with her as she has left her vulnerability on the table the entire way through. Now a college student, Rae continues to follow her dreams in her full-length album, “Celebrate My Heart.” Sammy Rae’s music is simple and commendable. If you’re looking for authenticity, Rae has it.

Emily Davis

Singer-songwriter Emily Davis has struck a unique chord with punk rock fans. She is best known on YouTube for her acoustic, folk renditions of tunes by punk rock band, Bad Religion.

With over 3 million collective views, Davis has garnered some serious punk cred from her time on YouTube. Davis has been personally endorsed by Bad Religion lead singer, Dr. Greg Graffin. She has even had the honor of singing alongside the band during a live show.

Emily Davis has used her success to springboard a self-produced music career with her 2011 collection of original songs, “Dark Matter.” The music of Emily Davis is perfect for anyone looking to for a bit of rebellion, without all the noise.