Ways to get into the holiday spirit

Ice Skater-01
(Graphic by Brett Ferrin)

The semester is quickly wrapping up and the holidays are right around the corner. Christmas trees are going up in every store and Christmas music can be heard almost everywhere you go.

If you find it hard to embrace the holidays, here are a few pointers:

Listen to Christmas music

One of the best ways to get into the holiday spirit is to simply listen to some Christmas tunes. There are many different types of Christmas music. Christmas music comes in all genres, from Frank Sinatra to Lady Gaga, to Mannheim Steamroller and everything in-between. Whether it’s classical music, pop or instrumental, Christmas music will all help transition you in the spirit of the holidays.

Do charity work

Thanksgiving and Christmas are especially good times to reflect on good fortune and do things for other people. One of the most common types of charity work is to volunteer at a homeless shelter where you can help serve food or provide any other kind of help that is needed.

There are also many other charitable organizations you can donate your time and resources to, such as The Salvation Army, the Christmas Box House and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah.There will also be the annual Thanksgiving Run for Charity organized by Ogden Regional Medical Center on Thanksgiving Day.

Doing service can require very little time. Bake some cookies for your neighbor, help shovel snow from someone’s driveway or give someone a nice compliment. The holidays can be lonely time, so what better way to brighten someone’s day than to pay a heartfelt compliment to someone you hardly know?

Watch a Christmas movie

I love a good classic Christmas movie, and not the sappy or cheesy ones you usually find on ABC Family or the Hallmark channel. I love the classics like “A Christmas Story,” “Home Alone” or my personal favorite, “Christmas Vacation.” They are all really funny and help me embrace the holidays. Corny Christmas movies usually premiere on ABC Family and Hallmark first, then they usually make it to Netflix.

Seeing Christmas lights and seasonal performances

Going to see Christmas lights will especially help to get you into the holiday spirit. There’s the Ogden Christmas Village lights, the Temple Square Christmas lights and the Zoo Lights at the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City.

Another great group of activities to do during the holidays is to go to a Christmas festival, concert or play. Some will be happening on campus and some will be held right here in Ogden. Whether you decide to go to the Festival of Trees in Ogden, or go see “The Nutcracker” by Ballet West right here on campus at the Val A. Browning Center, your inner holiday cheer will surely be bursting out of you.