5 reasons to go to the homecoming dance

When I was in high school, dances were some of my fondest memories. However, now that I have graduated, I have trouble finding that same joy in them.

Sure, dressing up is great, but lets be honest: I can’t dance. And I’ve never been too social anyway, so why go? The time wasted at the dance could be well-spent studying for midterms or finishing big projects.

Although academics are extremely important, it’s important to have fun time too. Not planning on going to homecoming? Check out these reasons you should change your mind.

Students had a great time at the homecoming dance last year. (Photo by: Lauren Crest)
Students had a great time at the homecoming dance last year. (Photo by: Lauren Crest)

Who doesn’t love a party?

That’s what college is all about, right? Even if you aren’t much of a partier, no one can deny that a fun atmosphere is a chance to show off your dance moves. So let your hair down for a couple of hours and replace your stresses with dresses and your disputes with suits.

Dressing up is always fun.

Ladies, who doesn’t love wearing a beautiful dress and getting the opportunity to feel like a princess for a couple of hours? And gentlemen, I’m not sure how much you love or hate dressing up, but one thing I can guarantee is that girls love to see their men in suits.

The homecoming dance is the perfect time to pamper yourselves a little bit, pull out your best and dazzle everyone.

Opportunity for a fun date.

Is there a girl in one of your classes who you are just dying to ask out, but you can’t think of the right date to take her on? This is your chance! For both ladies and gentlemen, the homecoming dance is the perfect time to have 20 seconds of insane courage and go for it! I promise, something amazing will come from doing so.

It’s a great theme!

All other reasons aside, “The Great Gatsby” is a great theme (no pun intended). But seriously, who doesn’t love the ’20s? This is a perfect time to pretend we live in one of the most amazing parts of history!

Way to show Wildcat pride

However, let’s not forget that while it is fun to relive history for a couple of hours, its even more important to make history! We are Wildcats, so get out there and show your pride!

Perhaps we won’t win the homecoming game, and maybe you don’t even want to be here, but if you take a step back and look around, Weber State is an amazing campus, filled with extraordinary opportunities and experiences. So go to the dance and show everyone that we bleed purple, even in the roaring ’20s.