Harnessing the power of your mind

(The Kansas City Star/MCT)
(The Kansas City Star/MCT)

Lately, I have been thinking about a human’s most powerful asset: their mind. It can be such a miraculous thing. I mean, maybe we can’t shoot yaks with mind bullets from 200 yards away like Tenacious D. can, but as humans, we have accomplished some pretty cool stuff.

It seems impossible to understand my own mind, how it works, and how I can use it to improve my life and the lives of others.

Scientists used to believe that the mind was static and unchanging, but now they view it as dynamic and constantly changing. The power of thinking literally can change the physical formation of your brain.

Since our minds are our most powerful tool, we should be using them every day. The power of repetition is key, just like exercising our muscles repetitively is important.

There are many ways to exercise your mind. Some common ways are reading or learning a new language. But even reviewing your day and deciding what you could have done better can help your brain develop.

There have been many brilliant minds before us who have learned to utilize electricity, and have figured out what is beyond our earth. There have even been great minds trying to puzzle the purpose of our existence.

As we trail the wake of history, let’s ask ourselves, what can our minds individually bring to the table? Maybe we can help solve a world crisis, or develop a way to venture further into depths of space never before treaded.

As Constitution week rolls on, hopefully we can all take a minute to think about what that means. To me, coming up with a whole political system is incredible. It took a network of brilliant and vibrant minds to determine how this country runs.

The next time you are taking an exam, just remember, your mind is your most powerful, diverse and creative tool.