Five crazy headlines

Five Crazy Headlines

Who said crazy couldn’t be good? Here’s this week’s five crazy headlines, all with happy endings.

  1. Woman sets home on fire trying to kill spider

A Kansas woman, Ginny M. Griffith, overreacted last week when she saw a spider. Her method of dealing with it, setting a pile of paper towels on fire hoping to catch the arachnid in the blaze, quickly escalated. Her home was ablaze within moments.

The fire department extinguished the blaze without any injury or loss of life. Griffith was charged with aggravated arson.

It is unknown whether the spider got away. Next time, we suggest not taking chances and using a flyswatter.

Source: WDBJ Virginia

  1. Woman miraculously survives being run over by three trains

A New York woman, Mary Downey, accidentally fell on the tracks at Times Square Station Sunday, but managed to survive being run over by three trains by laying between the rails. The third train’s operator managed to spot her and stopped his train, allowing her to get to safety.

Downey broke her shoulder falling on the tracks but received no other injuries. She even managed to walk away from the scene.

Source: New York Post

  1. Golden Gate Bridge to Become Suicide-Proof With $76 Million Steel Net

A $76 million project was approved by the members of the Golden Gate Bridge’s district in San Francisco to build a steel net that would prevent suicides on the bridge. The net will stretch 20 feet on either side, and comes in the wake of a record 46 suicides on the bridge last year.

This was made possible thanks to a new bill signed by President Obama setting aside federal funds to build these kinds of safety nets.

Source: Gawker

  1. Maryland fast-food customer gets a bag of pot with her fries

Sonic customer Carla McFarland opened her order of fries last week to discover a small bag of marijuana tucked in the container. She promptly posted photos on Facebook and called police.

The employee who admitted to putting the bag in the fries has been fired. The police are investigating the case.

We recommend the employee move to Denver.

Source: Reuters

  1. Man Subdues Burglar With Video Game Gun

A Pittsburgh man was playing video games Sunday when he heard an intruder enter his house. Pulling out a prop gun, he fooled the would-be burglar, 23-year-old Kymarr Freeman, detaining him until police arrived.

Freeman, now held in jail, has been charged with burglary, criminal trespass and possessing an instrument of crime.

Yet another proof of video games teaching real life skills.

Source: CBS Pittsburgh