Top five restaurants in Ogden

There is a stereotype that all college students eat is Ramen. As we all know that is incorrect . . . Well, it’s not all we eat. In light of broadening Weber State University’s taste in restaurants, The Signpost created a list of  our top five Ogden restaurants.

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(Photo By: Danielle Murphy) Lucky Slice Restaurant is located on Historic 25th Street in Ogden.

Feeling lucky today?

Lucky Slice, located on Historic 25th street, offers a variety of pizza options. Some of the more popular pizzas they offer are The New Yorker, Bianca, Margherita, Supreme, Hawaiian and Herbivore.

My personal favorite is the Margherita. It is deliciously roasted with mozzarella, parmesan cheese and red sauce. With slices as big as your face, you are sure to leave with a full stomach and a smile on your face.

“We are like a New York-style pizza but we are our own style,” said Dan Leishman, a waiter at Lucky Slice. “We offer a chill environment, good pizza, great wings and awesome rice crispy treats.”

In the mood for some sushi? Try Ohana!

Ohana is located on 12th St. and Harrison Blvd. by Shopko. They offer a variety of both sushi rolls and Asian cuisine.

With its tasteful décor, Ohana makes a great spot for a romantic date night or a fancy evening out with some friends. The sushi rolls run  from $4-$13.50. If you are hungry for a bit more to eat you can try a bento box. The bento boxes are served with both miso soup and steamed rice.

Ice cream, you scream. We all scream for ice cream!

If you are looking for the classic All-American shake and burger, try Jake’s Over the Top! They are conveniently located close to campus on Country Hills Drive, across from the WSU Alumni Center.

Jake’s affordable prices range from $3.39-$4.39 for shakes and $2.79-$5.29 for a hamburger. With close to 28 different shake flavors, everybody can be satisfied with a yummy treat on a hot summer day.

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(Photo By: Danielle Murphy) University Broiler and Grill is located at 4342 Harrison Blvd.

Like Greek life on campus? Try Greek life off campus at University Broiler and Grill!

University Broiler and Grill, located at 4342 Harrison Blvd., offers authentic Greek food for reasonable prices.

My personal favorite is the Gyro Swiss Burger. With special sauce, gyro meat and hamburger it dances on my taste buds. Each burger comes with fries or an option of a different side.

“It’s a family owned restaurant. The owner, Al, went to Weber State,” said Jessica Bischoff, a waitress at University Broiler and Grill. “The lamb is really good, not many places have lamb because it’s a Greek food, and the gyro is really popular.”

Pizza! Pizza!

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(Photo By: Danielle Murphy) The Pie Pizzeria is located on Country Hills Drive, next to Jake’s Over the Top, in Ogden.

Located on Country Hills Drive, the Pie Pizzeria is a favorite for many. Most students know of The Pie or have at least heard of it. If not, you have now! The Pie offers customers the option to build their own pizza.

Prices depend on the size of pizza. A 12 inch pie is $9.99, a 14 inch is $12.99, a 16 inch is $14.99 and a 23 inch is $27.99. Customers can choose a wide variety of toppings, ranging from veggies to seafood and everything in between.

So for those of you who are picky eaters or have friends who are picky eaters, everyone in your group can be satisfied here!

“The Pie was formed as a place to have college students come and hang out. The past 30 years we have received “Best Pizza” awards in the state of Utah from various reader poll organizations,” said Brian Horman, general manager of The Pie Pizzeria. “It’s a good place to eat and fun place to hang out.”