Dear Editor,

I am writing as a resident and student of Weber State University in regards to the fact that Weber is a dry campus. In fact, the only college that is not ‘dry’ in the whole state of Utah is Westminster College in Salt Lake City. That is only 1 out of 18 colleges. What exactly do I mean when I say “dry”? Some college/universities take a position that NO alcoholic beverages may be served on campus or at institution events. That means not in residence halls, not at sporting events… not anywhere associated with the school. However, I think having a dry campus is holding Weber back.

Although I am not the legal age to drink yet, if I start talking about the issue now, then maybe when that time comes I can enjoy my college life like many others around the country do. Where I’m from, tailgating before college sporting events is tradition. It brings people together because it’s a social event. I think this would show a correlation that if alcohol is permitted, more fans will come, therefore further supporting our teams, and hopefully rising our winning rate.

I will admit that, yes, there are downfalls. If Weber changed to a ‘wet’ campus, there would most likely be a rise of underage drinkers. There might also be a climbing number of accidents. However, because of the no alcohol rule, students may look off campus for parties and put themselves at risk trying to get home anyways. Despite of that, if WSU made alcohol acceptable on campus for those of age, it would create many jobs. People would need rides to prevent drinking and driving accidents so the school could make a “no question asked” cab service. Also, there would need to be an increase of distributors and law enforcers to ensure everyone’s safety. I am not saying that there needs to be alcohol everywhere, but I think certain places on campus would be acceptable.

-Lissa Quinlan