WSU holds meet-and-Greek barbecue

20130828Greek bbq (Tyler Brown)-2
(Photo by Tyler Brown) Rushes talk with sorority and fraternity members about Greek life.

Weber State University Greek Life hosted a barbecue “meet-and-Greek” event for future Greek prospects on Wednesday at the Wildcat Village, the newest housing addition on campus. The event was to help Greek Life get noticed and give its members a chance to talk to prospects. Many Greeks hope prospects will decide to rush and become part of a sorority or fraternity.

Both sororities, Delta Chi Nu and Tau Psi Beta, attended the barbecue, along with both of their brother fraternities, Phi Gamma Lambda and Phi Theta Xi. David Wilson, student body president, and Brady Harris, executive vice president, also attended as representatives of the WSU Student Association.

Refreshments were served as students mingled with sorority and fraternity members. Some of the festivities throughout the evening were games of flag football and volleyball and listening to music while students danced and got to know each other. Each sorority and fraternity member was wearing a piece of clothing that distinguished which group they were from, making it easier for prospects to know who they needed to talk to in order to get involved.

Greek Life, sororities and fraternities, are groups that consider each of the members family.

“It’s a really comforting notion to know someone is always there, especially for freshmen,” said Mandy Castle, a Beta and special education major. “It’s a step further than a booth on campus and to make Greek accessible to students on a more personal level.”

The Tau Psi Beta sorority is fairly new, established April 11 of this year, so this will be the first year the sorority will have pledges.

“The awesome thing about pledging Beta is that you can grow up with us, because we are new too,” Castle said.

A normal number of rush women would consist of around 20. As of right now, there are eight women in Tau Psi Beta, and a total of 14 sorority women including Delta Chi Nu. The whole Greek community consists of around 50 members before rush.

“We know life is crazy, but we hope our pledge classes are good-sized, and we understand numbers will fluctuate,” said Ashleye Fletcher, Beta and dental hygiene major. “Average rush number is 20, but we would hope that we see growth in the next few years.”

There are five steps in the process of becoming a member of the Greek community on campus. Most of these are completed the first semester, Fletcher said.

“I want to rush to get to know different people and finding a group of people to call your sisters and having that for the rest of your life,” said Anissa Dennis, a nursing major and Delta prospect.

Once students get into a fraternity and sorority, they are in for four years unless they choose to go inactive. This can be due to transferring to a different school or an opportunity that comes up in their lives.

“Our expectation would be that you stay in Greek for all four years, but at the same time, we understand if something comes up and you have to go inactive,” said Katie Clayton, Beta president and English major.

The fee for pledging for Tau Psi Beta each semester is $50. Once a student becomes a member, the fees will not exceed $125 a semester.