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Orientation: What students can do between classes

Many college students might say the time in between classes is more valuable than any other time of the day. The time between classes is a time to finish an assignment or start a new one, or to eat and rest. A break between classes can also be the ideal time to catch up with friends or release stress before going back to class.

Jaden Cook, a junior studying Spanish, said he usually eats and studies during his time in between classes. Buying food on campus can be expensive, so “I try to bring my food in with me to save a little money.”

Cook said that as for studying, some places are better than others. For Cook, a quiet place is the key to effective studying, so the third floor of the library, an area dedicated to quiet study, is ideal for him.

Taylor Beutler, a junior majoring in political science, said the third floor of the library is also where he likes to study. However, for Beutler, sometimes the best studying happens when it is done side by side with friends and food.

“The third floor of the library is the best place to study, but my friends and I sometimes study at Denny’s,” Beutler said.

Beutler also said he tries to go home in between classes, but that if he needs to study, home is not the place to do it. With so many distractions, “studying at home doesn’t work so well.”

J.J. Freeman, a sophomore studying musical theater, said that in between his classes, he enjoys hanging out with friends and finishing up homework before going back to class. Unlike Cook, who brings his own food from home, Freeman prefers to buy his food on campus.  He said the best food in the Shepherd Union Building is “the pristine pepperoni pizza. Even though it’s mundane and ordinary, I really enjoy it.”

Freeman also said he likes to catch up with friends in between classes, releasing some stress before going back to his studies. “I have a lot of friends in most of the musical departments, so when I can, I hang out with them in the halls by the band and choir rooms.” He said friends are a great way for him to release the stress of schoolwork and refocus.

Kirsten Dove, a junior in sales and service technology, said her favorite thing to do in between classes is hang out with friends and her fiance, who she met in her Earthquakes and Volcanoes class. While she said that trying to study with her fiance around can be difficult, he encourages her to do her best in all of her classwork.

Depending on the amount of time students have between classes, other popular distractions offered on campus include the gym and rock wall, billiards and bowling alley, art galleries in the Shepherd Union and Kimball Visual Arts Buildings, and multiple computer labs. Lesser-known ways to relieve stress or pass time on campus include the Stress Management Lab, video game lab in the Stewart Library, and a small museum and planetarium in the Lind Lecture Hall. 

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