WSU students relax over winter break

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159″ alt=”Photo By: Tyler Brown Sophomore Robbie Garcia gets a jumpstart on his homework while studying in the Shepherd Union Building. Garcia quit his job over the break to take time for himself.” src=”×200.jpg” width=”300″ height=”200″ /> Photo By: Tyler Brown
Sophomore Robbie Garcia gets a jumpstart on his homework while studying in the Shepherd Union Building. Garcia quit his job over the break to take time for himself.

After a week of paper-writing, exam-taking, and what can seem like endless studying, finals week for fall semester was over for Weber State University students, welcoming instead a well-deserved winter break. Many WSU students said how they unwind from finals week is to sleep, watch TV and relax.

The three-week break gave way to a lot of opportunities for some students who traveled over the break. Lo Hurtado, a WSU junior, traveled to see family in California for the break.

“It was nice,” Hurtado said. “I went to the beach.”

Hurtado wasn’t the only one who took a break from not only school, but the weather. Kallie Gordon, WSU freshman, also went to California for a vacation with her family. Gordon also took advantage of the free time by getting more hours at her job.

WSU student Steven Strobel traveled to Austria to ski and visit his sister. He said he also spent his break working out, going shooting and skiing.

Other WSU students spent time with their families, watched TV, played games and worked during the break.

WSU sophomore Robbie Garcia made the decision to quit his job over the winter break.

“I really just took some time for myself,” Garcia said. “I never really do that.”

Garcia used the free time from school and work to see old friends, family, attend a winter leadership conference and experience Christmas Village for the first time.

Anna Tremonte, WSU junior, said she caught up on sleep during the break.

“I don’t usually get to sleep with my job,” Tremonte said. “I took naps! I never take naps.”

Tremonte wasn’t alone in the need to catch up on sleep. Several other WSU students included sleeping in their winter break activities, along with staying warm in the winter chill.

A few WSU students mentioned spending the break working on their relationships by going on dates or just spending time with significant others. Tremonte and Garcia both reported starting new relationships as their top activities over the break.

After unwinding from finals, how do WSU students prepare to go back for spring semester?

“It is always the first day of class, and you realize you don’t have any books,” Garcia said.

Other students said they just jumped back into it and are still working on getting back into the groove.

Baylie McKnight, a new WSU student this semester, said she prepared for the upcoming semester by reading to get herself on track. Tremonte studied Japanese to stay in practice for future Japanese classes.

“I bought my books,” WSU student Emily Podlesny said. “That was about it.”

Some students said they plan on being more organized this semester.

“I made a schedule,” Strobel said, “which was nice. Totally helpful.”

Strobel organized his workout schedule, class schedule and work schedule to help keep everything organized.

Whether students spent the break with family, friends, traveling or participating in winter sports, most agreed that relaxing was on the agenda. For some, that meant not doing anything in particular.

“I did yoga and drank tea,” McKnight said.