Startup Weekend judges new business ideas

Business Startup Weekend will take place on Nov. 1-3 in Ogden, with competition to bring in the best fresh ideas for starting businesses.

Startup Weekend is a global movement that gives entrepreneurs opportunities to bring their ideas and see if they’re worth starting a business. This is the first year the event has taken place in Ogden.

Alex Lawrence, director of the entrepreneurship program, said contestants will have three minutes to pitch their ideas, and judges will choose the top 10. Contestants will then have from Thursday night to Saturday to build on their ideas and bring them before judges, who will be local business people.

“It’s really just an awesome community technology event,” Lawrence said.

Contestants from different states will compete at the event. While the event is going on, other Startup Weekend events will be going on around the nation. Weber State University is sponsoring the event this year at the Hilton Garden Inn.

The most contestants that can register at the event are 150, and Lawrence said it will probably be sold out.

Lawrence said the main outcome is to bring the technology together and show contestants they can do a lot with a little bit of money.

Alan Martin, a former student of WSU and the founder of Campus Book Rentals, will be a judge at the event. He said he will be looking for creative ideas that can be constructive to existing things in the business world.

“I think that I have a lot of common ground with these folks, so I’m excited to be there,” Martin said.

Martin’s business kicked off based on a little idea he had, and he said he thinks people who have new ideas could make them work.

For 54 hours, contestants will work on their ideas and find out on Saturday which ideas worked the best, providing them with business and employment opportunities.