Actor speaks at InterVarsity event

On Thursday, God Uncomplicated and Weber States University’s InterVarsity collaborated to throw an event called 1 Life 2 Love.

God Uncomplicated was first formed six years ago. It is a ministry that focuses mainly on college students. For the past three years, the organization has gone to universities to hold events. This is its second event held at WSU.

“The message really is to challenge students to live out their faith in God,” said Charles Freeman, the founder of God Uncomplicated, “if they believe we want to challenge them to reach their full potential as Christians. If they don’t believe or if they’re seeking, we want to invite them to come to know the God that we serve.”

Along with the rallies, God Uncomplicated also creates videos on its website. Freeman said he thought more churches should start making movies like the Sherwood Baptist Church in Georgia does.

The rallies God Uncomplicated holds are open to everyone to attend. This is the first time it has had a speaker come from out of state.

Jason McLeod is an actor who appears in movies the Sherwood Baptist Church creates. The church produces Christian movies, including Fireproof and Facing the Giants, in which McLeod appeared.

“College was a pivotal time for me,” McLeod said, “where you really dig down deep in what you believe.”

McLeod started the event by asking the audience to get on their knees and pray with him. He talked about a particular verse that meant a lot to him during college. Psalm 42 is “as the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God.” He said it took him a long time to realize what the verse meant. He told a story about how visualizing hunting dogs chasing a deer helped him find meaning in the verse. After running for so long, the deer lost the hunting dogs, and felt a thirst so intense that, if he didn’t drink, he would die.

After telling this story to the audience, McLeod asked two questions of them. The first was “Are you thirsty?” He advised that they evaluate their lives and whether they had a thirst to know Christ.

The second question he asked was “Are you panting?” He admitted he did not have a desperation to know Christ.

“I need to ask for forgiveness, because the answer is no,” McLeod said.

McLeod said he grew up in a religious home, but college was the time when he became concrete in his beliefs. He also said that being a part of the films opened a lot of doors for him to tell his story to other people. He has focused mostly on talking to high school and college students.

“People with the same understanding that we shouldn’t be in conflict with each other,” said Sarah Carr, a WSU graduate and InterVarsity member, “it brings a different unity than anywhere else.”

Carr, who graduated in spring of 2011 in interior design, said she likes InterVarsity because the group doesn’t kick members out after they graduate.

“Don’t waste these days,” McLeod said to the audience about college.