Ways to avoid summer slumps in Ogden

When snow drifts from the sky like icy ashes and the mountains look like a blank canvas, Ogden turns into a hub for winter sports. Sometimes it seems that the only thing to do during those months is ski or snowboard.

But what about that time of year when the sun stares down at melting asphalt? As many students take the summer off, it can be easy to run out of ideas, which means the highly anticipated break becomes . . . boring.

But it pays to live in Ogden, even during the summer.

Ogden is surrounded by hiking trails, many of which are within city limits. Some might think Ogden only has a couple hikes, but there are many more. Trail maps are available at several locations throughout the city, including at the WSU Outdoor Program’s office.

Ben Martin, who works at the Wildcat Lanes and Game Center in the Shepherd Union Building, said he enjoys the Waterfall Canyon hike, which is located above Mt. Ogden Golf Course.

Martin also suggested bowling and billiards on campus as summer activities, especially between 3-6 p.m., which is Happy Hour. During Happy Hour, billiards are half price, and bowling is $1.90 per game with $1 shoe rentals.

Wildcat Lanes has eight bowling lanes, a few arcade games and 12 billiard tables.

Kiersten Nye, a Weber State University student, recommended cliff jumping at Causey Reservoir and floating South Fork (part of the Ogden River) on tubes.

Nye also said she dyes her hair random colors during the summer, simply because she can.

“We played night games on campus a while ago; that was fun too,” Nye said. She said to keep from getting stuck in the rut of routine, she writes a list at the beginning of each summer with random activities. When she runs out of ideas, she consults her list to see if there’s anything she could do that day.

Nye’s list of summer activities isn’t focused on one topic in particular. She even listed ice-blocking as an activity.

“I’m going to do it on Friday,” she said. “I’m so excited!”

Nye said she buys old paintings and makes chalkboards out of them by covering them in chalkboard paint. She also suggested making T-shirts, shoes and crafts.

Heather Hogge, Nye’s roommate, is also a WSU student. She is going to school during the summer semester, but she also said she works a lot and goes to the gym.

Hogge said she planned on floating the Weber River soon. She also plans to rollerblade on the Ogden River Parkway. Though she does not yet own rollerblades, she said she will buy them at Deseret Industries. Many people shop at thrift stores to help come up with new summer activities.

The WSU Outdoor Program is another resource for new summer ideas. Erica Petty, a nursing student who works as a rental tech with the Outdoor Program, pointed out that those interested in rock climbing can get started through guided climbs.

“We actually do have a guide and outfitter permit for the Ogden area, so you can actually hire us to take you out climbing and whatnot if you’ve never been,” Petty said.

An indoor climbing wall is also available Monday through Saturday.

The Outdoor Program has Snake River rafting trips planned for July and August. The program also hosts activities geared specifically toward incoming freshmen so they can meet new people at WSU. Boats are available to rent, and Petty said paddling them around a lake is an easy activity.

A resource for learning more about the area surrounding WSU is www.ogdencity.com. The website includes a comprehensive list of recreational opportunities in and around Ogden, such as the 11 national parks and three major ski resorts within a day’s drive of the city.