Students: Summer school has perks


The hallways of Weber State University might seem empty over the coming months, but that doesn’t mean academia has come to a halt.

For a select few, summer means getting down to business and knocking out needed credits.

Dawn Owens, a business administration student, is taking 13 credits over the summer, but it’s not all business. She said she is taking a dance class just for fun.

Owens said she is glad the summer semester is longer than it has been before, because she feels it is less stressful. She also said she’s glad she can park on campus.

After taking a four-year break from school, Owens takes classes year-round to make up for “lost time.” But school isn’t taking over her entire summer.

“The schedule’s a lot easier because all of my classes are done at 1 (p.m.),” she said. “And then I get to go play the rest of the day and the sun’s out all night.”

She said the morning schedule isn’t the only perk of summer semester.

“I like it ‘cause it’s not as packed; I don’t feel like just another fish in the sea.”

Owens said she feels like the professors also tend to be more laid back during the summer.

“I think I actually like the summer (semester) the best, but I think that’s just because I’m a summer kind of person. It’s the weather for me.”

Sean Cosobud, a sophomore working on his generals, is taking a different approach. He said he likes the summer semester because he can just focus on the subjects he needs to. This summer he is focusing on math, and he plans on completing two subsequent courses.

Cosobud said he plans on studying information system security. This is his first time participating in the summer semester.

“I just need to get it done, otherwise I’ll be behind,” Cosobud said about staying motivated.

Wendy Holloway, a sophomore studying art education, is taking summer classes for the first time. She said that, so far, it’s not any harder for her to stay focused during the summer than it is the rest of the year.

“Well, I like my classes, I enjoy the teachers, and that helps me kind of stay focused,” she said. “Since the classes I’m taking have to do with my major, it helps me to stay inspired and motivated.”

She also said her job is the hardest part about staying dedicated because it’s difficult to find time to do homework.

Guillermo Figueroa is another full-time summer student. He recently quit his job to focus on his schooling. Figueroa said he plans on studying either mechanical engineering or something in the medical field.

This is also Figueroa’s first time taking summer courses, but he said it’s not hard to focus. His technique for staying dedicated has to do with his location.

“Just being around campus — that way I concentrate better, because if I go home, I won’t do as much work,” he said. “I’ll be distracted.”

Figueroa said he didn’t come to school last spring, so he is now making up for that time with summer courses. His recipe for success also includes nutrition.

“Just have a good breakfast,” he said. “And be around people that like to do homework, like study groups and stuff.”