WSU license plates required on the road

In 2011, the Utah state government passed a law requiring Weber State University to have a minimum of 500 WSU collegiate license plates on the road.

According to, Utah legislature HB0506 says, “Beginning on January 1, 2012, each participating organization shall collect and hold applications for support special group license plates authorized in Section 41-1a-422 on or after January 1, 2012, until it has received at least 500 applications.”

This law came about because many groups wanted to have their own license plates, and a requirement needed to be implemented. WSU currently had about 400 plates on the road. This was not enough.

“To ensure the future of our license plate, we’ve set a goal of 1,000 plates on the road by January 2012,” according to WSU now has more than 600.

“If WSUAA can meet this goal, there will be $25,000 available every year for scholarships,” said Lynell Gardner, executive director of the WSU Alumni Association.

The WSU plates have been around since the early ’90s. The yearly donation is $25, and it comes with the yearly vehicle registration fee. Those interested can also pay the $25 directly to the Alumni Association, and it will give them a receipt to mail to the DMV. The DMV charges a one-time fee of $15 dollars to transfer the plates. Each year thereafter is only a $25 donation.

There are some perks to having the WSU license plate, including a tax deduction, because 100 percent of the $25 goes to scholarships and showing WSU pride.

“I just love seeing the Weber State license plates around town,” Gardner said.

All of the money goes to the alumni scholarship fund. People can specify which department or scholarship fund they would like their donation to go to. Last year, the Alumni Association gave out more than $12,500 just from the license plates.

A board of members chooses the recipients of the scholarships. The selection is based on many things, including grades, economic status, community service and/or major. Students may apply online at The association is currently accepting applications. Most applicants have an alumnus sponsor. However, anyone can apply. The Alumni Association does require a minimum GPA of 2.5.

The purchase of the license plate does not include membership into the Alumni Association, although any donation to the scholarship fund above $25 allows people to get the WSU plates. The alumni fee is $35 for an annual single membership, and all the money goes to help the university and the students. Alumni membership includes the opportunity to get a WSU license plate. Discounts for membership are available when purchasing for three or more years.

There are many new benefits to membership in the Alumni Association, including two free tickets to one of each ticketed sporting events with two-for-one tickets after that and a free parking pass to the Dee Events Center parking lot with free shuttle to campus. This is in addition to the previous benefits, which include discounts to performing arts events, the Swenson Gym, insurance, the Wildcat Wilderness Recreation Center and campus stores.

Anyone interested in obtaining a WSU license plate can go to and click on the “get involved” link.