Playin' On Purple – My Super Bowl Experience

Let’s talk Super Bowl XLVI. After the devastating blow I took two weeks ago, I was not all that into the Super Bowl this year. For example, I did not even know what time the game was going to start until noon that day.

My family usually has somewhat of a big hoo-ha for the game. This year was no different. A good chunk of my mom’s side of the family gathered at my brothers’ house. Most of the adults did not even watch it. Everyone was in the kitchen eating (except me and my cousin). The point of Super Bowl food is more of snack food so that you can sit and eat and watch the game. Not eat in another room. I’m just saying.

Anyways, in the first quarter of the game, a few things happened that were rare. First off, Tom Brady got an intentional grounding call in the endzone, giving the Giants two points. A safety in general is rare, but a safety in the Super Bowl is nearly unheard of.

Next rare thing that happened in the game was in the first quarter. The Patriots had 12 people on the field. Sometimes this happens. The fact that it happened in both the first and fourth quarters to both teams is ridiculous.

By the time that halftime rolled around, everyone at my party finally realized, “Oh hey, the Super Bowl is on.” Everyone trickled in, checked out the halftime score and then something new happened. This year, with the party at my brothers’ house and on their TV, it meant that this game was recorded with DVR or TiVo or whatever is used to do that these days.

At halftime after everyone had an epiphany, they came in, looked at the score and rewound the game to the beginning. They did not, however, watch the game. They watched the commercials. We went back and watched all the commercials.

There were plenty of good ones: the fat dog working out so that he could chase the car, the little kid peeing in the pool, a sexy-and-he-knows-it M&M, and vampires getting blown to dust because of bright headlights.

Then we watched halftime, which honestly I was not too impressed by. I mean, kudos to Madonna for staying in shape and looking good. Even more impressive is that her voice sounds the exact same as it did in 1984. She had some of today’s biggest names join her on stage as well. But even with LMFAO and Nicki Minaj’s help, I still was not that impressed.

Halftime show over, we continued on the journey to the outcome of the game. We fast forwarded most of the third quarter, watching only commercials. The fourth quarter had a similar pattern, watching only commercials until we finally caught up to live TV.

We finished out the game with stomachs full of chips and dip, barbeque beef sandwiches, Mountain Dew and cookies. The Giants won the game with a touchdown in the last minute of the game. Overall, their goal was to run the clock down, kick a field goal, win the game and not give the Patriots a chance to even possess the ball. Pats got the ball, threw a Hell Mary, and it was no good.

My family picked up the house, put the leftovers away and drove home. I went home and did some homework and went on with the rest of my life. Overall, the best part about the Super Bowl was the fact that we watched it with TiVo and could skip the game and watch commercials.