Radio personality coming to Weber

On Dec. 10 at 8 p.m., Weber State University is hosting Sister Dottie S. Dixon’s Hilarious Holiday Hullabaloo. The event is a fundraiser to raise money for the OUTreach Resource Center in Ogden.

At the fundraiser, Sister Dottie S. Dixon will perform a standup routine. Sister Dottie is played by an actor named Charles Frost. This will be the only time she performs this holiday season. Frost portrays Sister Dottie as an active Mormon from Spanish Fork with a gay son named Donnie. She does standup about being a Mormon with a gay son and the trials she faces with that. She addresses topics about the LDS religion and the gay community with humor. She said she is an advocate for all minorities, including the gay community.

“The gay and lesbian discussion is everywhere,” said Caril Jennings, marketing director for the performing arts at WSU. “It’s from the point of view of living in Utah. . . . It’s another way of looking at the topic.”

A board member for OUTreach, Jackson Carter, said Sister Dottie’s routines are generally respectful of both the LDS and the gay community.

“Her character plays a LDS Relief Society mom,” Carter said. “It’s like how LDS moms see the gay community. A lot of my friends were concerned about Sister Dottie’s material. . . . They were afraid it would be nothing but bashing the LDS religion, but it’s all really inclusive. It’s clean and fun. There are no bad feelings one way or the other, for either community.”

Carter has been a board member for the OUTreach program for two years. OUTreach is a program that gives the children of the lesbian, gay,

bisexual, transsexual and questioning community and their friends a safe place to go. People ages 14-23 are welcome in the OUTreach program. Carter started going to the OUTreach program when he was in high school.

“OUTreach was such a big part of my life,” he said. “It was so nice to have a place where I could relax and I didn’t have to hide who I was . . . I did so much growing up as a person there, and I want to give kids in this community the same experience that I had with that program.”

There will be an ugly sweater contest at the Holiday Hullabaloo, and Bill Allred from the Radio from Hell show on X-96 will be there working as the DJ. Prior to the event, a “Dottie Idol” will be held. The top five contestants will perform on X-96 between the dates of Dec. 6 and 9. The winner will be announced at the Hullabaloo and will perform on stage.

Tickets for the show cost $25, and $10 for students. There will also be a reception for the donors after the show. The tickets for the reception cost $100 per individual or $150 per couple.

“The LGBT issue is such a big issue, especially in Utah,” Carter said. “It’s nice to go out and support these little groups and get to know a little more about that community, especially if you don’t know anything about the gay community.”