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Do you know your news? March 29

1. The Utah Legislature’s House Bill 11 has been hotly debated over the last several weeks, and Gov. Spencer Cox vetoed the bill before his veto was overridden by two-thirds of the legislature, voting to instate the bill anyway. What law does HB11 put into place?

A. It bans nonbinary-identifying students from participating in school sports

B. It allows schools to decide on their own if transgender students should be allowed to play on sport teams

C. It bans transgender girls from playing in girls’ high school sports

D. It bans transgender boys from playing in boys’ high school sports

The future of high school sports may change.
The future of high school sports may change. Photo credit: MGN

2. A California man was recently charged with one count of conspiracy, nine counts of smuggling goods into the United States and two counts of trafficking. What was the man smuggling?

A. Drugs

B. Liquor

C. Dogs

D. Reptiles

3. Stephen Wilhite, a true innovator of the internet, passed away recently at the age of 74. What did Wilhite create for today’s internet users?

A. He created the GIF

B. He invented LTE

C. He invented emojis for iPhone

D. He created YouTube

Vivint Area, home of the Utah Jazz.
Vivint Arena is the home of the Utah Jazz. Photo credit: MGN

4. Which Utah Jazz player had foot and ankle surgery, which will bench him for the remainder of the season?

A. Rudy Gobert

B. Bojan Bogdanovic

C. Rudy Gay

D. Udoka Azubuike

5. China Eastern 737-800 crashed into a mountainous and wooded area near the Southeastern coast on March 21, and no crew or passengers survived. How many total passengers were on the flight?

A. 121

B. 306

C. 254

D. 132

The China Eastern crash investigation continues.
The China Eastern crash investigation continues. Photo credit: MGN


1. The answer is C, This bill would ban transgender girls from participating on girls’ high school sport teams. According to The Standard Examiner, Utah lawmakers overrode Gov. Spencer Cox’s veto 56-18 in the Utah House of Representatives. The Utah House and Senate also approved a budget of $500,000 to cover legal costs in the event of a court challenge.

2. The answer is D, Reptiles. According to CNN, the man smuggled more than a thousand reptiles into the U.S. Some of the reptiles were captured in Mexico, while others were imported all the way from Hong Kong. The man, Jose Manuel Perez, smuggled in more than 1,700 animals, with a value of more than $739,000. Perez could face up to a 190-year sentence if indicted.

3. The answer is A, He created the GIF. According to USA Today’s podcast, Talking Tech, Wilhite created the GIF when he was a computer programmer at CompuServe. GIFs originated as a way to display images on slow internet access. In an interview from 2013, Wilhite said that GIF is supposed to be pronounced with a soft G, similar to a J.

4. The answer is D, Udoka Azubuike. According to KSL, the player had surgery to repair ankle and foot ligaments. Azubuike has had three different ankle injuries in the past 13 months, with his last injury on March 10 taking him out of recent games.

5. The answer is D, 132 people. According to The New York Times, all 132 passengers have been pronounced dead. Investigators have been able to identify 120 of the passengers using DNA samples. The cause of the crash is still unknown.

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