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Do you know your news? March 22

1. Ogden Twilight Concert Series announced their 2022 lineup, including 10 headliners. Who is the first headliner scheduled to perform?

A. Bleachers

B. Beach House

C. Lauv

D. Chvrches

2. President Joe Biden has nominated the first Black woman to be on the Supreme Court. What is her name?

A. J. Michelle Childs

B. Ketanji Brown Jackson

C. Sherrilyn Ifill

D. Candace Jackson-Akiwumi

President Joe Biden announces his nominee for the Supreme Court.
President Joe Biden announces his nominee for the Supreme Court. Photo credit: MGN

3. The Russian invasion of Ukraine threatens to cause a global food crisis as the two countries combined hold a significant percentage of the world’s wheat. What percentage of the world’s wheat is in these two countries?

A. 50%

B. 33%

C. 60%

D. 25%

Russia and Ukraine make up a large portion of the world's wheat supply.
Russia and Ukraine provide a large portion of the world's wheat supply. Photo credit: MGN

4. The U.S. House of Representatives has passed an act to put an end to race-based hair discrimination. What is the name of this act?





5. Utah liquor laws are set to change in June, starting with the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control’s name. What will the name be changed to?

A. Department of Alcohol and Substance Control

B. Center for Alcoholic Control

C. Department of Liquor and Substance Services

D. Department of Alcoholic Beverage Services

Utah's liquor laws are set to change this year.
Utah's liquor laws are set to change this year. Photo credit: MGN


1. The answer is A, Bleachers. According to The Standard Examiner, the summer concert series is coming back after the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic. They have not announced any health guidelines for the 2022 series yet. A disclaimer on their website said they will be monitoring and updating health and safety requirements as the events near.

2. The answer is B, Kentaji Brown Jackson. According to CNN, democratic senate leaders hope to confirm Jackson by April or May. She is currently a judge on Washington, D.C.’s federal appellate court. The nomination of Jackson would not affect the ideological makeup of the court. With the retirement of Justice Breyer and the replacement of Judge Jackson, the court will continue to have six conservative judges and three liberal justices.

3.The answer is D, 25%. According to The New York Times, Russia and Ukraine produce nearly a quarter of the world’s wheat supply. The wheat produced and shipped to various countries feeds billions of people through bread, pasta and packaged foods. Russia and Ukraine are also big suppliers of barley, sunflower oil and corn. Last year, Russia had limited its exports of wheat with a tax to hold down domestic food prices. This, along with the Russian invasion, has caused unrest for countries dependent on these exports.

4. The answer is B, the CROWN Act. According to ABC News, the CROWN Act will ban discrimination based on hair texture and style particular to a specific race or national origin. The CROWN Act stands for “Create a Respectful and Open Workplace for Natural Hair.” The bill has now been sent to the Senate, where it will be voted upon.

5. The answer is D, Department of Alcoholic Beverage Services. According to ABC4, the DABC is going to make an additional nine bar licenses available along with the option to take alcoholic beverages to go if they do not exceed two liters. They will also change the definition of beer, making it more inclusive to hard seltzers.

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