Police blotter Oct. 8

Joshua Kamp

Photo credit: Pixabay

Sexual assaults

A WSU officer was informed on Oct. 4 about a sex offense that had previously occurred. Looking into the case, the officer found that the victim does not want to pursue charges. The victim is working with the Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Office to take civil action against the suspect. The victim was offered [email protected] resources and Officer Safety is planned with the victim. A case was created in case the victim decides to pursue charges.

An officer responded to a call from the WSU Women’s Center to handle an information report on Oct. 1 regarding a possible sex offense that occurred off-campus. The individual who reported the incident will be working with the Women’s Center and Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity office. The appropriate law enforcement agencies where the incident occurred will be handling the report.

WSU police investigated an incident that occurred at the Wildcat Center on Sep. 25. Their investigation has determined that there was an occurrence of sexual battery. The suspect inappropriately touched the individual without consent and caused the victim emotional distress. The victim is seeking to press charges. The suspect was cited one count of sexual battery. The case has been closed with the citation.


A call regarding a sick person was made to officers on Oct. 4. An officer arrived in a campus restroom to make contact with the victim. The officer attempted to calm the victim down through talking to them and guiding them through breathing techniques until medics arrived. Medical personnel helped the victim out of the restroom and to an ambulance. The sick individual opted to be taken to the hospital. The victim’s illness was unclear.

Paranoid mother

A welfare check was performed at Wildcat Village on Oct. 3. A mother was trying to contact her son and asked for the help of campus police. An officer spoke to staff at Wildcat Village and obtained the son’s room number. There was no answer at the apartment after an officer knocked several times. The officer then spoke with an RA to ask if they knew the individual. The RA and officer returned to knock at the door and the individual answered, saying he was in the shower earlier. The officer advised that his mother was trying to reach him, and it was his decision whether to call her. During the check, the mother had contacted dispatch and was sent to the officer’s cell phone. The officer made contact with her and explained that her son was fine and would call her. The officer left the dorms.

Soccer fever

A medical incident occurred at a WSU soccer game on Oct. 3. A male was watching the game when he stood up in the stands and then fainted. His family was able to catch him, resulting in minimal injury. The family advised that he was overheated and dehydrated. By the time an officer arrived, the individual was conscious and able to talk. He declined medical transport and was released on-scene by Ogden Fire.

Getaway car

Weber County dispatch contacted WSU police on Oct. 2 around 2 p.m. and asked if there was a unit near Davis campus. Utah Highway Patrol and Law Enforcement agencies were in pursuit of a stolen vehicle. Weber Dispatch was advised that the vehicle was on University Park Boulevard at one point. The officer called Weber Consolidate Dispatch to see if the vehicle was near campus and was told it was. The officer decided to stay and listen to the pursuit to ensure the chase did not enter the Davis campus. The pursuit ended and the suspect was taken into custody by Davis County law enforcement without the chase entering Davis grounds.

Panic! at the Disco

Campus police were dispatched when an incident of violence happened during WSU’s hosting of the Weber High School homecoming dance. An assault involving two juveniles occurred around 9:30 p.m. Fire and medics responded after the victim lost consciousness and began seizing. The assailant was placed under arrest and later released to a parent. Multiple eyewitness statements and surveillance video footage was collected. The case is being forwarded to the juvenile justice system.