Police Blotter

Jennifer Greenlee

(Photo by Matt Popovich on Unsplash)

More than just a head rush

A student at the Wildcat Center passed out upon standing up on Jan. 21. When the student woke up, he could not recall the fall as well as some other recent events. He was transported to McKay-Dee Hospital.

Knocking on windows

After someone knocked on a resident’s window at University Village at about 1 a.m. on Jan. 21, the incident was reported at about 5 p.m. the same day. It is still being investigated.

Vaping life away

An officer responded to an underage student vaping at the Davis Campus on Jan. 22. The individual was a student at NUAMES. The officer escorted him to NUAMES administration for them to handle the matter rather than taking police action.

Stealing registration

A vehicle in the W-8 parking lot was broken into on Jan. 22. The student left the doors unlocked, and their registration was missing from their glove box. The case is open for follow up.

Creepy texts

A student at the Marriott Allied Health Building reported that she had been receiving texts that made no sense and was worried it was her ex-boyfriend. She reported the texts on Jan. 23, and the student and police made a safety plan for her.

Loading in the nude

A man approached the Shepherd Union loading dock while he was fully nude on Jan. 22. He appeared not to be in a clear state of mind, and EMTs were called to evaluate and transport.

Squatting on campus

A report was made of a man in the Engineering Technology Building computer lab who was not supposed to be there on Jan. 28. He appeared to have been sleeping and left before police arrived. Then, on Jan. 29., the same man was said to have been in the Kimball Arts Building overnight and destroyed $20,000 worth of computers. He was arrested for disorderly conduct and public intoxication, then taken to the Weber County Jail.