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Dried up boat docks at Antelope Island State Park.

La demanda legal contra Utah sobre el Great Salt Lake

Nelly Hernandez Tejada, Traductor October 5, 2023

Este mes pasado, grupos conservatorios, de ambos Utah y nacionales, presentaron una demanda contra el estado de Utah en un intento de proteger el Great Salt Lake. Los grupos conservatorios demandando...

Caution tape is strung up to keep people from going into the Ogden River because of the dangerous conditions of the river.

Drought continues after record winter

McKinna Baird, Reporter September 7, 2023

This past winter was unique for Utah; record-breaking snowfall brought flooding to Salt Lake City, which hasn’t been seen in 40 years. However, this excessive snowpack hasn’t solved Utah’s drought. Public...

A Fire prevention logo meant to spread awareness about fire safety and prevention.

Fireworks and fire hazards

Cooper Hatsis, Reporter July 4, 2023

With Independence Day firework celebrations around the corner, it is important to be safe and cautious with fireworks this season, especially as Utah’s weather starts to get warmer. One way to prevent...

Signs advising visitors to stay back from the rushing, high waters of the Ogden River.

Ogden’s rising water concerns

Brisa Odenthal, News Editor June 6, 2023

Unprecedented snowfall during the 2022-23 winter season has also led to worries regarding flooding, as the snow on the mountains begins to move down into the cities. As the weather begins to warm up, the...

The Colorado River’s Upper Basin Water Supply has decreased from 4.5 million acre-feet per year to below 2 million, and the deficit is 35% from where it was when the 20th century began, according to the Utah Rivers Council. Photo credit: Grace Haglund

Utah’s water: Decisions now, consequences later

Alec Cipollini April 18, 2022

The drought in Utah didn't give any favors in 2022, and it will continue to worsen if nothing is done to stop global warming and the handling of how water is distributed in the state, advocates and experts...

The cliffs of Flaming Gorge, Utah above an outlet become hidden by a fog.  (Nikki Dorber/The Signpost)

Finding the beauty in nature

Nikki Dorber March 31, 2021

I remember as a child if I told my parents I was bored, they would give me a crazy look and simply tell me to go outside. At first, I would go outside sulking because, if I am being honest, I was expecting...

S. Dorian Chelaru, owner and president of Transoceanic, LLC, USA, speaks at Weber State University about the Multi-Million Tons Freshwater Transporter. (Robert Lewis / The Signpost)

A submersible solution to water shortages

Francisco Ruiz January 23, 2020

From 2011 to 2017, California experienced severe drought. The drought ravaged the state's agricultural industry, and residents watched their lawns die or opted to replace them with artificial turf.As urban...

The balcony of the Student Services building makes for good viewing. (Joshua Wineholt / The Signpost) Photo credit: Joshua Wineholt

Water usage makes waves at WSU

Kainoa Nunez March 22, 2019

Utah is famous for its landscapes, mountains and nature centers, but it's also known as one of the driest states in North America. According to the Utah Division of Water Resources, the average...

Chris Penne addressing audience with facts about Tiger Muskies. (Marissa Wolford / The Signpost)

Professor prioritizes Pineview species

Ashlynd Greenwood January 31, 2019

Chris Penne, an aquatics biologist for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, made a visit to Weber State University on Jan. 29 to discuss the management of tiger muskellunge in Pineview Reservoir. Penne...

(Source: Tribune News Service)

Bolster your immune system as flu season approaches

Leah Higginbotham November 27, 2016

At this point in the semester, few students can afford to be sick — there are finals to take, papers to write and classes to attend. But none of that matters to the microbes spreading around campus.Among...

A new study from Monash University in Australia is challenging the standard recommendation of eight cups of water a day. (Source:

Science Weekly: New study challenges 8 glasses a day

Kellie Plumhof October 18, 2016

Throughout the years, it has become the recommended standard to drink eight glasses of water per day. However, a new study led by Monash University in Australia, is challenging that recommendation. The...

Graphic by Maddy VanOrman / The Signpost

Hot and in a hurry

Brooke Facer July 11, 2016
Running tips: some to help you stay safe, and some to improve morale!
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