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The current Supreme Court Justices.

Acción afirmativa anulada

Daniela Imbrett, Traductor August 1, 2023

El 29 de junio, las políticas de acción afirmativa fueron anuladas por la Corte Suprema de los Estados Unidos, creando una ola de conmoción entre las instituciones educativas de todo el país. La...

The outside of the Supreme Court building located in Washington, D.C.

Affirmative action overturned

Kaitlin Christofferssen, Reporter August 1, 2023

On June 29, affirmative action policies were overturned by the Supreme Court of the United States, sending shockwaves through educational institutions nationwide. The Supreme Court decision struck down...

Weber State professor of political science and philosophy, Leah Murray, presenting the Midterm Election lecture.

A Midterm with Murray

Adam Rubin, Reporter November 17, 2022

As part of the Weber Historical Society Lecture Series, Dumke Legacy Hall hosted a lecture on Nov. 14 titled “The Meaning of the 2022 Midterm Elections.” The lecture was presented by Leah Murray, director...

Student Ambassadors on the Weber State University Ogden Campus taken on May 30, 2019.

Los estudiantes salen de la deuda

Marianna Lopez Luritta, Traductor October 18, 2022

El 24 de agosto, el presidente Joe Biden anunció un plan en tres partes para frenar la actual crisis de la deuda estudiantil a la que se enfrenta el país. Según la Casa Blanca, la deuda estudiantil...

Long exposure crowds on campus taken on Nov. 20, 2019.

Students dug out of debt

Brisa Odenthal, Reporter October 18, 2022

On Aug. 24, President Joe Biden announced a three-part plan to slow down the current student debt crisis the country is facing. According to The White House, the nationwide cumulative student debt is...

Kathryn MacKay introduces herself to her audience.

Learning from the past

Coby Crisler, Reporter September 15, 2022

Many creative and passionate people have spearheaded innovation on college campuses across the world, adding new courses and curriculums to teach to students. Leah Dunford Widtsoe was one of these innovators,...

Weber State University was designated a Voter Friendly Campus. The Voter Friendly Campus program aims to help college administrations develop a larger voter turnout and more political engagement. (BriElle Harker / The Signpost)

WSU nombrado campus amistoso para votantes

Joshua Kamp March 29, 2021

Traducido por Matías PedreiraLa Universidad Weber State ha sido designada como un "Campus amigable para los votantes", un título ofrecido por un programa iniciado a través de la asociación...

Weber States Ballot Box is just outside of the Stewart Library on the main campus in Ogden, Utah. This is one of the many things that WSU has to help students and the surrounding community vote during elections. (BriElle Harker / The Signpost)

WSU named Voter Friendly Campus

Joshua Kamp March 29, 2021

Weber State University has been designated as a Voter Friendly Campus, a title offered by a program started through the partnership of two organizations, the Campus Vote Project and the National Association...

Dr. Leah Murray, Professor of Political Science and Academic Director Olene S. Walker Institute of Politics & Public Service, Weber State University was the co-host for Voter Education Week. Photo credit: Catie Weimer

There’s no “I” in change: collective problems need collective action

Catie Weimer October 12, 2020

Leah Murray, a professor of political science and the academic director for Olene S. Walker Institute of Politics and Public Service, led a conversation on collective action problems, climate change and...

Presidents Day celebrates inspiring American figures such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and is an important part of US history. (Aubree Eckhardt / The Signpost)

More than just a day off

Weston Sleight February 19, 2020

Presidents Day, which celebrates George Washington and other presidents' birthdays, guarantees students at schools across the state of Utah a day off, but the holiday first began to honor the life and...

Federal Judge Thomas Griffith addresses WSU students (Francisco Ruiz). Photo credit: Francisco Ruiz

Civic charity: the cure for political tribalism

Francisco Ruiz November 16, 2019

In his presentation "Civic Charity and The Constitution," Federal Judge Thomas Griffith shared his own experiences and the experiences of the attendees of the Constitutional Convention at Philadelphia...

Dr. Kuehls and Dr. Murray pose for a great debate about the Electoral College Voting process. Nikki Dorber / The Signpost

Should we abandon the Electoral College?

Landin Griffith October 3, 2019

From his famous last words, “You’re fired,” on the reality television show “The Apprentice” to becoming President of the United States, Donald J. Trump has defied the rules...

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