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The Signpost

Students sit in Shepard Union as they take a break to eat lunch and study together.

Weber reaches record enrollment numbers

McKinna Baird, Reporter February 8, 2024

Weber State University hit an all-time high for enrollment this past fall semester and the numbers have only been climbing. “I think that it's a huge milestone for us,” Jessica Oyler of Student...

Students walk past the statue of Louis Moench that stands outside of Lindquist Hall, draped in a Weber State scarf.

¿Qué está pasando con FAFSA?

Nelly Hernandez Tejada, Translator January 23, 2024

Es ese tiempo de año cuando los estudiantes de terciario necesitan llenar la Solicitud Gratuita de Ayuda Federal para Estudiantes (FAFSA), pero este año algunas cosas en la forma han cambiado. La...

Students walk past the statue of Louis Moench that stands outside of Lindquist Hall, draped in a Weber State scarf.

What’s going on with FAFSA?

Brisa Odenthal, Section Editor January 23, 2024

It’s that time of year again when post-secondary students must fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, but this year’s form comes with some changes. The form, which opened on Oct....

WSU President Brad Mortensen addressing students about tuition increases and other Weber State matters.

WSU updates from President Mortensen

Parham Kermani, Reporter November 30, 2023

On Nov. 10, Weber State University faculty and staff met for a university-wide town hall meeting where President Brad Mortensen introduced Laís Martinez, from the Utah System of Higher Education, as the...

Edwin Guzman (right) first gives William Maxfield (left) an overview and rubric of his writing assignment before receiving assistance at the Tutoring Center.

Edwin Guzman (derecho) da un resumen y rúbrica de su asignación de redacción a William Maxfield (izquierdo) antes de recibir apoyo en el centro de la tutoría.

Financial aid through on-campus jobs

Cooper Hatsis, Reporter October 24, 2023

Through Weber State University’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid, some students may qualify for Weber’s Work-Study or 50/50 programs. These financial programs can help students while at WSU...

The financial aid office located in the Student Services building.

El oficio de apoyo financiero ubicado en el edificio de servicios estudiantiles.

Los cambios de elegibilidad de FAFSA

Nelly Hernandez Tejada, Traductor October 24, 2023

Cada año, el primero de Octubre, la aplicación de Solicitud Gratuita de Ayuda Federal para Estudiantes, conocida como FAFSA, abre para todos los estudiantes y los estudiantes terciarios. Pero, este año...

The homepage of the FAFSA website.

La página inicial del sitio web de FAFSA.

Eligibility changes in FAFSA

Brisa Odenthal, Section Editor October 24, 2023

Every year on Oct. 1, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, also known as FAFSA, opens for all current and incoming post-secondary students. This year, however, FAFSA opens on Dec. 1, and that...

A fake $100 hanging on the doorway into the Money Management Center.

Un billete de cien dólares falso colgado en la puerta del centro de gestión de dinero.

Oportunidades de becas de la universidad Weber State

Mariano Martinez Martinez, Traductor October 24, 2023

Los estudiantes de Weber State University tienen muchas oportunidades para recibir ayuda financiera. Esta puede venir de una serie de lugares, incluyendo becas de WSU, becas privadas y ayuda gubernamental. Las...

A sign near the entrance of the Student Services building pointing visitors to the location of the Financial Aid office and Registration services.

Un letrero por la entrada del edificio de servicios estudiantiles que señala la ubicación del oficio de apoyo financiero y los servicios de registración.

Scholarship opportunities at WSU

McKinna Baird, Reporter October 24, 2023

New and seasoned Weber State University students have plenty of opportunities to receive financial aid. This can come from a number of places including WSU scholarships, private scholarships and government...

Anwar Bermudez aids a student via email in the Registars office.

Anwar Bermudez ayuda a un estudiante por correo electrónico en el oficio de Registración.

Apoyo financiero por medio de trabajo en campus

Daniela Imbrett, Traductor October 24, 2023

A través de la solicitud gratuita de ayuda federal para estudiantes de Weber State University, algunos estudiantes pueden calificar para los programas Work-Study o 50/50 de Weber. Estos programas financieros...

Anwar Bermudez aids a student via email in the Registars office.

Finding jobs on campus

Megan Swann, Asst. Culture Editor September 5, 2023

As the semester starts to unfold, many students have to learn how to balance work and school. Working schedules around class can be difficult and commuting adds to an already long to-do list. One way to...

A photo of Weber State University president, Brad Mortensen. Taken Dec. 2018.

A farewell to student affairs

McKinna Baird, Reporter February 21, 2023

A town hall meeting was held on Feb. 14 over Zoom to present Weber State University’s new “Aligning to Amplify” plan. As presented by WSU President Brad Mortensen, this plan aims to promote collaboration...

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