"Blood and guts" provides guidance to pre-med students

Michael Bunderson

Blood and Guts information session
Jason Fritzler and Jane Stout will be hosting a free pre-med information series for students at the Davis Campus on Thursday Oct. 15 starting at 5:00 p.m. (Images provided by the College of Science.)

This Thursday on Oct. 15 at the Weber State University Davis Campus, Jason Fritzler and Jane Stout, with the College of Science, will be hosting a free advisory session for pre-medical students titled “Blood and Guts.”

The address for the event is 2750 University Park Blvd. located in room 106 of building two at the Davis campus. The information session will take place from 5 to 6 p.m.

Fritzler and Stout will host a one-hour session to answer questions that students starting their pre-medical degrees have and relieve their worries and doubts.

Fritzler shared his reasoning for these weekly sessions. “There is roughly 500 pre-med students and I don’t have the time to meet them all the time.” The weekly sessions offer Friztler a chance to meet with students without the hassle of scheduling appointments.

Friztler also described that the sessions are a way for him to reach out to even more students at WSU.

There are students who have anxiety about asking questions and these sessions provide a platform to reach out to those students and help answer questions they may have without the risk of them being embarrassed.

This information session is for all students who are pursuing pre-professional degrees, for example those students involved in pre-dentistry, pre-med, pre-veterinary and pre-physical therapy. The session will cover course work discussions on available majors, what medical schools will require of the students and information to help students prepare for the MCAT, which is the entrance exam required by medical schools.

The decision to have the event at the Davis campus was based on the desire to reach out to those students who don’t attend the WSU main campus.

Emily Furner, a health promotion major, believes the sessions will be an interesting discussion for those going into the health field.

There are weekly sessions that Fritzler and Stout hold for students to be able to meet with them and rid themselves of worries and concerns. This particular session will include a general discussion, as well as a question and answer period toward the end.

Rico Martinez, a sophomore at WSU, said he plans on attending this week’s meeting for answers he may have about becoming a sports therapist.

Fritzler believes that school requires not only effort but a plan to keep that effort from going to waste.

“Getting into Medical school requires more than taking courses and getting good grades,” Friztler said.

For more information on the event students can contact Jane Stout at 801-626-6302 or [email protected].

Photos were provided by Weber State University’s College of Science.