Weber State a veteran friendly school

With so many veterans in Utah, both in the service and out, Weber State University has a variety of programs and opportunities for student veterans.

“I feel that this is an amazing university for veterans and that some of the resources, like Veteran’s Upward Bound, ROTC and the VA Mentorship program, need more visibility so that veterans know that help is ready and waiting for them,” said Veteran Student Senator Dean Austin.

More than a thousand veterans attend Weber State University and that number continues to grow. Many programs work to help veterans on campus, including Veterans Upward Bound.

“Veterans Upward Bound works with pre-college veterans to help them become ready for college and with veterans who still need to brush up their academic skills to progress in college,” said Veterans Upward Bound Director Randy Wilson.

The program’s main purpose is to help veterans achieve their academic goals through mentoring and tutoring. Aside from these services and others, it is also meant to bring the veteran community closer together.

“We have a sense of community so they feel comfortable in our office, which is different to their discomfort going to school with students that may be 20-30 younger than they are,” Wilson said, “Our staff are dedicated to helping veterans specifically.” Veterans Upward Bound is a program that requires application, but all the services are free. They are located in Annex 3 on campus.

Another location for veterans who seek assistance is Veteran Services. Located in Annex 5, Veteran Services is home to the VA educational office. Here, veteran students can learn about, apply for or renew their educational benefits and use them at the university.

Also located within Veteran Services is the office of Charlie Chandler, the veteran coordinator and liaison on campus.

“My goal is to make sure that veterans are getting the education they deserve and not just to receive it, but to enjoy their experience here at the university,” Chandler, a former Army Chaplain, said. He mentioned he is always available to assist veterans in any way he can.

Along with Chandler, Austin also has an office at Veteran Services and says he too is available to help out veterans with whatever they need.

“Certainly, Weber State has so much to offer for all students, and I really want each veteran to know that they can approach me and that I am here to serve them,” Austin said.