Five Crazy Headlines: From adult preschool to newlyweds slaughtering fish

From adults paying to go through the preschool experience again to cutting the head off of a fish to seal your marriage, here are this week’s five crazy headlines:

Preschool Mastermind, a program in Brooklyn, New York, is charging people over the age of 18 and up almost $1,000 to spend a month reliving the preschool experience.

Participants can expect to take naps, play games and go on field trips with their classmates.

Both the instructor and assistant of the program have a background in traditional preschool education but designed this program to help adults focus on playing more in their lives. There is even a “grown-up day” where participants may bring their own parents in to class.

Source: CBC News

A couple of Russian yoga studios have been asked by the local government to stop teaching the art of Hatha yoga.

Hindu tradition says that this form of yoga was created by a religious figure, then continued being practiced by believers.

This has raised an issue with Muslim politicians who believe teaching this form of yoga is a scheme to convert people to Hindu practices.

Source: The Independent

A 35-year-old woman was on the road in California driving to her parents’ house when she began going into labor. There was no cellphone reception in the forest she was driving through, and she was low on gas. The woman was forced to deliver her baby daughter alone.

Having no contact with the outside world, the mother stayed in the forest for three days, surviving on apples and being targeted by mosquitos and bees.

When she felt that she could survive no longer, she started a fire to attract attention. Fortunately, this caught the eye of US Forest Service, who sent people to rescue the mother and daughter. Unfortunately, the blaze grew into a full-blown forest fire.

Source: The Independent

The new idea of diving chess has surfaced. Players must hold their breath and dive underwater to make their move on a waterproof, weighted chess board. Players may have as much time to make their decision as they can hold their breath.

This sport was created by Itan Ilfeld, who was inspired by the idea of boxing chess, where participants alternate between sessions of boxing and chess. A victory is reached by either knocking out the opponent or succeeding to checkmate the other person.

Source: The Times of Israel

A Tokyo business offers to send fish handlers to weddings to make a show of cutting up fish and cooking it for the guests.

The bride and groom are encouraged to make the first cut together, a one meter slash to remove the head of the gigantic fish. Once the fish is ready, the newlyweds feed it to each other.

Source: Japan Today