Circa Waves debut "Young Chasers"

Circa Waves offers their debut album "Young Chasers" to indie fans.
Circa Waves offers their debut album “Young Chasers.”

All the way from Liverpool, England, Circa Waves brings their debut album “Young Chasers” to the US. Formed in 2013, the Indie Rock band is currently celebrating the release of their album with a European tour. The band gained some attention in March 2014 when they opened the New Music Express Awards, an annual music awards show in the United Kingdom.

Circa Waves is a band that epitomizes what indie rock sounds like. The band achieves a great sound, while reaching out to fans with their lyrics. Songs like “Stuck in My Teeth,” “T-Shirt Weather” and “Young Chasers” offer a lot of enjoyment to listeners.

The song that sticks out the most is “T-Shirt Weather.” It makes the listener feel nostalgic for long summer days and having a great time. The song has great instrumental elements that add to the lyrics to create longing feelings for the season.

“Stuck in My Teeth” is another song to look out for. “I’m a little too young with not enough time,” is the main line of the song and gives young people something to relate to.

“Young Chasers,” the song for which the album is named also offers great elements. This song is packed with energy and once again speaks to the young crowd. The combination of great vocals and instruments will make listeners want to put the song on repeat.

If you are looking for bands similar to Circa Wave, try Swim Deep, Wolf Alice and Lonely The Brave. This debut album gets four out of five stars because the group is a good example of what indie music is. Fans of the genre can rejoice in the sound of Circa Waves.