Goal setting workshop for Weber State students

Is the choice I am making moving me closer to the reality of my dreams, or farther away? That was the question Jennifer Grandi, assistant dean of Student Services for Weber State University, started her goal setting workshop with on Tuesday.

Grandi presented the workshop to help students, faculty and community gain a better understanding of how to set and achieve their goals.

“If you’re aiming a bow and arrow at a target, you have to know where the target is. It’s the same with our goals. You have to have a plan of where you are going,” said Grandi. In the workshop, it was suggested that attendees write out a guideline for their goals.

“When you walk out the door I want you to have a guideline that will make a difference and help you get started with your goal setting,” said Grandi. Grandi went around the room asking students why they came to the workshop. Answers varied, but were centered on the idea that many needed a set plan for their goal to graduate college.

Grandi told students to write their goal down every day and to be able to see it daily. When writing out our goals we need to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and have a time frame for them.

Research shows that people who write their goals down are more likely to achieve them.

“We do all tend to have goals, but the more structure we have for our goals and everything laid out with milestones for ourselves, the more likely we are to reach those mile stones,” said Grandi.

All goals have dates and deadlines. Grandi stressed the importance of having those milestones for ourselves to meet our timeline.

Grandi ended her workshop on the note of having positive thinking and affirmations in life are necessary to be successful when working towards your goals. Our thoughts drive us and have a huge impact.

“Ask yourself what is going around in your head. Are you telling yourself how much you hate math? Or are you thinking I am just as smart as the next person, I will get through and pass this class,” asked Grandi. “That positive thinking is really important.”

Having positive affirmations or positive thoughts made in present tense sends a message to the subconscious mind. Positive reminders will allow your mind to except that idea and move yourself forward to achieve it.

“Overall, just think about the good feeling and excitement you will feel once you hit that goal and what hitting your goal will allow you to do,” said Grandi.
Students got a packet to help assist in setting up their plans for their goals, and were offered helpful tools they could take home with them.

“I am happy that I was able to learn to stop saying “I want” and instead say “I will.” I think it will make a big difference when I am setting goals,” said WSU student Kevin Meredith who is majoring in social work.

“After this I am excited to put down my goals and figure out the steps for them, as well as start implementing positive self-talk into my days,” said WSU student Ethan Rose who is working on his generals.

The WSU Davis Campus offers weekly workshops to help students succeed in various areas of their lives. This week they will be holding two resume building workshops presented by career counselor Shari Leder.