Cavan Cochrane, students with disabilities

Cavan Cochrane
Cavan Cochrane

My name is Cavan Cochrane, and I am running for the senate committee member position for Students with Disabilities. I am a quadriplegic (C-5 burst fracture to be specific) and have been paralyzed since November 2012. I have since had to adapt my career and educational aspirations to my disability, and I have personally benefited greatly from WSU’s Services for Students with Disabilities.

I feel that as students with disabilities, we are often underrepresented. If elected, I plan to create greater access and awareness to WSU’s Services for Students with Disabilities for students and other members of the community, and work to ensure our fair representation. Making our current and potential student body aware of the services available to them will help us provide them with the support to achieve excellence and reach their academic and life goals. Just because an individual has a disability, does not mean they are limited to achieve anything less than anyone else! If you have the desire to achieve it, you deserve our support and representation.

If elected, I also plan on holding regular meetings with disabled students on a biweekly basis. In these meetings I intend to address any concerns/issues that each individual may have, find appropriate resolutions for their concerns, increase involvement of disabled students in services and events, and to help individuals prepare for life after university.

I feel our disabilities often limit us in experiencing the most out of our time at university. We do not have to be limited by our disabilities, but rather we can use them as a tool to empower us. I hope to show the community and the disabled students themselves, that we will not be defined by our disabilities, and that we will not be limited in achieving anything less than greatness.