WSU students get it done in a day

The Center for Community Engaged Learning at Weber State University made postcards for local single mothers on Friday.

Mike Moon, assistant director for WSU’s Center for Community Engaged Learning. (Source: WSU News/Public Relations)

The effort was part of the Done in a Day project series, which is designed to give students weekly opportunities to serve the community without taking too much of their time.

“We identified the need for service opportunities in a local setting, especially for students who cannot go out and serve in large, on-site projects,” said project adviser Mike Moon. He added that usually around 20 volunteers per month participate in Done in a Day projects.

“We strongly encourage students to take advantage of this on-campus opportunity to serve the community,” Moon said. In order to increase the number of participants, the CCEL advertises with posters around campus, but thus far, most projects have happened on a small scale.

The postcard crafting on Friday was no different. A small group of five students assembled around a table in the CCEL office in the Shepherd Union.

One of them was Muqing Su, a student originally from China.

“This project is really good for my women’s studies class,” Su said, making reference to some of the issues single mothers face.

Despite the academic advantages, Su said that doing good and encouraging single mothers were her main reasons to come.

Zoe Hall, a graphic design student at WSU who attended for the first time also said she was looking for service opportunities that would help her feel involved.

“I don`t really know anyone here yet, and I came all by myself,” Hall said, adding that despite the lack of company, she enjoyed serving.

“Single mothers are everywhere, and as women, we need to think of them,” Hall said. “I would enjoy getting a card like this, so I think getting one will be nice for them, too.”

The postcards will be passed on to the Catholic Community Service for distribution, said Nick Taylor, the student supervisor for Done in a Day. According to Moon, the CCS is one of the top community service partners of WSU.

Taylor also emphasized that this week’s project was important to him personally. “I know many single mothers, and sometimes, they feel left alone by society,” he said.

The project, for which Taylor was recruited by CCS a few weeks ago, helped him and his fellow students make a lot of single mothers happy for a short moment, he said.

On Friday, April 3, students will meet again to prepare the annual easter egg hunt at the Ogden Dinosaur Park.

“I`d recommend it to anybody who wants to be involved,” Taylor said.