Start-up competition for WSU

(Source: Amy Hirschi)
Weber State students can pitch ideas for a recreational business for a chance of $10.000. (Source: Amy Hirschi)

Weber State University students can now start thinking of recreational business ideas to pitch at the Weber Start-up Business Competition for a chance at $10,000.

The entrepreneurship program is throwing its first ever business start-up competition, which will be an all-day event on April 18.

Any student enrolled in at least six credit hours can show up on April 18 with a business idea or just willing to help create a business by joining a team and getting to work. The team that presents the best business idea to a panel of judges will receive a check for $10,000 made out to the business.

Swag giveaways, and prizes will be given away all day, and, of course, food is involved.

The idea behind the start-up competition is to create a business idea employing the skills of students from all different interests and majors.

The competition is recreation themed, meaning that all the business ideas must relate to recreation in some way.

David Noack, director of the entrepreneurship program, had the idea of recreation because it reflects the values of the Ogden community.

“Ogden is heavily involved with recreation and nature, especially with our mountains so close,” said Amy Hirschi, the assistant to the entrepreneurship program. “It’s a huge part of our city.”

Hirschi says that the goal of the competition is to help WSU students create a viable business. She believes that one of the most intriguing features of the competition is the chance of combining different students’ knowledge and ideas.

“A lot of students that aren’t in the entrepreneurship minor or a business major, have great ideas for businesses, but don’t know the next step to take,” said Hirschi.

Noack and Hirschi hope that this competition will attract lots of students with a wide variety of business ideas. Even though the completion is recreation themed, that is in no way to limit the creativity of the individuals participating.

“What if there are students out there who have no idea how to market or sell their ideas or even how to create a business. If they do Start-up, they could join a group and have a business going by the end of the day! It’s incredible,” said Hirschi.

Jeff Martinez, a non-traditional student majoring in Professional Sales and completing a double minor in Entrepreneurship and Recreation, was “stoked” to hear about the competition and its recreation theme.

“I have a few ideas for a recreation businesses, but I can say that it will involve bikes in one way or another,” Martinez said.

“You could do anything really that relates to recreation,” said Hirschi, “A yoga studio, special sports t-shirts, a new bike brake; seriously, it is wide open for students.”

Zack Thurston, a graduate of the entrepreneurship program, is starting up his own water bottle company that would have been perfect for the competition.

For more information about how to register, as well as the event itself, go to the WSU entrepreneurship homepage and look under the Start-up tab. The competition is free, and registration closes on April 8.