KWCR album review: Dan Deacon "Gliss Riffer"

"Gliss Riffer" by Dan Deacon
“Gliss Riffer” by Dan Deacon

“Gliss Riffer,” Dan Deacon’s most recent album, debuted earlier in February. Following his previous works “Bromst” and “America,” Deacon creates an electronically driven theme with his new work. Influenced by artists like Talking Heads, Devo and Daft Punk, Deacon creates electronic beats fused with orchestral elements.

The short album presents elements that fans of electronic music can really appreciate. For non-electronic music listeners though, it can be easy to get lost in the repetitive emptiness of electronic sound.

For example, the track “Meme Generator” has interesting elements and easily catches the listeners attention, but the same elements repeat over and over for nearly five minutes. It’s comparable to listening to a Metallica song and zoning out for a long period of time, then coming back to the music and realizing it’s on a different song. It’s kind of trippy and a little bit unnerving.

The best song on the album is “Learning to Relax.” The track almost sounds like an 80’s pop tune with its high energy and interesting lyrics. It has repetitive elements as well but none that make the listener zone out.

Also, the track “Take it to the Max,” adds an interesting element to the album. The song as many layers that are slowly pile on top of each other. Using different stacked elements feels as if the song is building up to something.

If Deacon is an artist you come to enjoy, other artists like Animal Collective, and previously reviewed artist Panda Bear will fulfill your electronic needs. Two stars would have to be the rating for this album because this type of music caters to such a specific fan base, which I am not a part of.