Students weigh in on campus construction

Construction at Weber State causes delays and detours for students (Photo by: Emily Crooks / Signpost)
Construction at Weber State causes delays and detours for students (Photo by: Emily Crooks / Signpost)

Starting this past summer semester, Weber State University students have been dealing with delays and parking problems caused by the new construction of the Tracy Hall Science Center.

The construction that has blocked off nearly one-fifth of the Ogden campus broke ground May 16 last year and completion is scheduled for fall 2016. Professors like Barbara Wachocki, the botany chair, have reported that it is going to help the College of Science grow now that they have more room.

For many students, the demolition of buildings three and four is both exciting and challenging. The construction has caused full-time junior Dallin Weaver to be late to his classes a few times.

“You don’t think it’s that bad until you have to get to Elizabeth Hall from the Tech Ed. building. It’s a pain,” Weaver said as he loaded up his stuff to go back to the Technical Education building, which would require him to travel around the construction site.

To compensate for the elimination of two buildings, three portables have been set up near the top of campus. M2, M3 and M4 are now housing some of the classes that would have been held in the old building three and four.

“I think the new building is going to be great,” said Jessie Sumie, an art major and full-time student. “I think it’s a good thing we had a really mild winter. The snow would have made it just horrendous.”

Full-time student Kenzie Stinger said her biggest issue with the construction is how it has affected parking. “I start walking to my car, and next thing I know I have to go around this huge fenced off area,” Stinger said. “If we get more snow, I will have to start coming 30 minutes early just to get a parking spot that makes it so I don’t have to go around the construction and battle the ice.”

Spring is around the corner, and the snow that Utah is famous for was scarce this year compared to years past, according to Though the snow hasn’t been a huge concern for students on campus, many felt the effects of the quick winter storm experienced last week, which made getting to classes around the construction even more difficult.

Another student, Jesslyn Abendroth, said that since she takes the bus it isn’t that big of a deal. The students who said that the construction didn’t bother them or their schedules were individuals who primarily had courses on the south, construction-free zone of campus.

“I will say that last week, with the storm and the construction … it was bad!” Abendroth said, zipping up her winter jacket. “I am really looking forward to the new building though, it’s huge and looks really cool already.”