Pete RG's 'Lightning Strikes' a wonderful surprise

Pete RG features a soulful experience for listeners.
Pete RG features a soulful experience for listeners.

To start, Pete RG offers a wonderful surprise to those who give this duo a try. From the first track, it’s easy to fall in love with the music featured on “Lightning Strikes.”

I have to say that I was completely captivated by the first track on this album, “Still Here.” The vocals are so unique and different that it wasn’t hard to listen to this album in its entirety.

Pete RG’s voice is rustic and soulful. In a way, RG’s voice sounds like an alternative version of Frank Sinatra. Along with co-producer Brina Kabler, this duo puts their listeners in a sort of trance with their music.

“Still Here” is the track that caught my attention the most. Because it’s the first track, it opens the listener’s ears and makes them not want the song to end. Not only are the words sweet and emotional, but the instruments pair so well with RG’s voice that it creates a calming and happy effect that makes you want to sit down and listen to the track over and over.

Later in the album, there is an acoustic version of the song that is just amazing. I’ve made it known in previous reviews that I love acoustic tracks, but I’ll reiterate it once again. There’s something magical about taking out all instruments besides a guitar that makes a song tug at your heart strings.

The other great song on this album is “I’m on Fire.” This song allows listeners to get a taste of the duo singing together on another acoustic track. This song captivated me just as much as “Still Here,” but my only complaint is that it’s two minutes shorter than the rest of the songs on the album.

While these songs hit it out of the park, the rest of the album couldn’t get me quite as excited. For instance, the track entitled “Patient Hearts” seemed to have a disconnection that made it difficult to enjoy.

Overall, this Los Angeles native duo is worth looking into, especially with such a unique vocal aspect. If Pete RG’s sound is one you enjoy, check out other groups like Rachel Mac & the Revival, Valeri Lopez, and Avi Vinocur. This group gets four stars out of five because, as I mentioned before, listening to this group has been a pleasant surprise. I would recommend them to fans of alternative, as well as fans of heavier music.