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5 weird Valentine's Day gifts

When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, you could go with the standard roses, boxes of chocolates or stuffed animals. However, if you want to say “I love you” in a special way, I’ve selected the best unique presents for couples.

Veasyble Privacy Dome

This privacy dome is disguised as a purse, but when needed it can be quickly unfolded to ensure instant privacy. The dome is draped over the couple, covering them from their torsos up.

2-13 Inventations for Couples (Danielle)
Veasyble dome that gives couples instant privacy. (Sourced by Veasyble)

Couples no longer have to worry about PDA. They can simply pull the privacy dome out and no one can see them, well, at least from the torso up.

Ring U

This is a ring designed for couples who are making a long distance relationship work. Missing your partner? Well when your partner touches their ring, your ring will light up, signaling to you that they miss you. You can let your partner know you miss them, or let them know you accidently bumped your hand against something.

Heart-Shaped Smittens

For those couples who must always be holding hands, this conjoined mitten gives them that opportunity. This mitten is red and shaped like a heart. The couple doesn’t have to worry about their hands getting cold during the winter when they want to hold hands. Of course they could still hold hands each wearing their own glove, but cute doesn’t have to mean practical.

Tandem Face-to-Face Bike

This tandem bike gives couples the opportunity to look into each other’s eyes while they ride around on a sunny afternoon. Let’s really hope at least one of them has the attention span to notice objects in their path.

Maybe to some couples this tandem bike, with both seats facing each other, seems like a safe invention, but to me this seems like a disaster waiting to happen.

Dynamic life heart tee for couples

This glamorous T-shirt is designed to display your distance from your partner. On the front of the shirt are six glowing hearts. When you are further away from your partner, the hearts will dim. When you are next to each other all of the hearts glow red. This is a must-have item for any couple with separation anxiety.



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