Wildcats support Dream Weber at Train concert

(Tony Post/ The Signpost)
Jimmy Stafford, guitarist for Train. The Train concert entertained audience members as well provided low-income students with education. (Zac Williams/ The Signpost)

The anticipation was getting thicker by the moment. No one knew quite when they would show up, only that they would be there soon. Months of waiting, planning and anticipation came down to this moment: the Train and AJR concert at WSU’s Dee Events Center.

While many students who attended the concert were excited to see Train perform, the show was about more than just music for many students. All proceeds from the Train concert were donated to the Dream Weber program, a scholarship program that provides low-income students whose annual household income is $40,000 or less with free tuition and general student fees.

Jessica Staley, a junior studying business administration, was happy to see one of her favorite bands perform, but she also appreciated the good her fellow students at the concert would bring.

“I really like that it’s for a good cause,” Staley said. “The proceeds go to the Dream Weber program, so it’s more of a nonprofit to support students and their education.”

Gary Squire, WSU graduate in manufacturing engineering, was eager to be supporting fellow students. He said that his program at WSU taught him practical knowledge that helps him be a better, more valuable employee.

“Weber state is a really hands-on technical school to go to,” Squire said. “Students come out with the knowledge to know how to do what, how, when, why and I really appreciate that from my education and in my career I’m in right now.”

Not only were WSU students interested in the Train and AJR concert because it helped provide more low-income students with aid for college, they were also happy to be getting time with their families.

Jessica Rocha, a sophomore pursuing a degree in criminal justice, said she was happy to be able to come to the Train and AJR concert to enjoy some of her favorite bands as well as spend quality time with some of her family as well.

“I love concerts and I love Train,” Rocha said “I think they’re a really great band and I’m super excited to see them. I’m also really excited to spend time with my family.”

Marissa Questereit, a junior studying social work, said she was at the concert as a representative from WSUSA, but also came to spend time with her sister who is still in high school. Questereit said that any time she gets to spend with her sister is valuable since she doesn’t get to see her as often as she’d like.

Caitlin Holt, sophomore in psychology, said she’d never been to a concert before, so when she heard Train and AJR were coming she thought it would be a good chance for her to experience a live concert. Holt said she loved everything about her first concert experience and that she would definitely be going to more concerts in the future.

Like their songs, the Train and AJR concert had a family-friendly environment where students and community members gathered together to support WSU and enjoy an evening of music.

“It’s really exciting and a lot of fun,” Staley said. “Every concert is different. It’s always a new experience.”