Homecoming isn't just for the girls

Homecoming Dance
(Graphic by Brett Ferrin)

As homecoming week rolls on and the homecoming dance approaches, it leaves students anticipating exciting experiences.

There are a lot of oppurtunities to get out of your comfort zone, meet new people and have some fun at Weber State University. The homecoming dance is one of them.

Colt Florence, a student, spoke of his first experience at the homecoming dance. He said it was a place where you could go and enjoy yourself.

Brad Jacobson and Michael McColley, both students at Weber State University, have never been to a dance, but feel like it could be a fun experience.

The question is: Would guys want to go to the dance if the girls didn’t?

McColley and Florence both said that they would go to the dance, but only if their dates wanted to go.

“You want to go to the dance with somebody who wants to go and have a good time,” said Florence.

Jacobson would want to go to the dance, but if his date didn’t want to go he would be more than willing to do another activity.

They were all asked what they would do if they were to attend an alternative activity.

McColley said that if he didn’t go to the dance, he and his date would go rock climbing, then off to a dinner at a nice restraunt.

A nice pool party with a big group of friends sounds really nice to Florence, or gathering everyone around a big bonfire to celebrate and have fun with other Weber State University students.

Jacobson would want to go cycling by the Ogden river with his date, and after their trail ride they would have dinner at Slackwater Pizza.

The three students all shared how we can show school pride, why is it important,and what we can do during homecoming week.

McColley said, “Just going to the little activities that they do on campus is a really really good idea. Maybe have days to wear Weber State shirts or things like that, and just advertise it.”

They all feel that there are quite a few ways to show school pride, from sports games to dances.

Florence added,”Try to get the people more pumped up to go, because Weber has a lot of people who are just there to study.”

For these students, showing school support has a lot to do with getting involved with the sports and going to the games.

Jacobson recommended that people need to get more involved in the sports on campus, and commented that WSU needs more advertisements and more activities.

One of those activities was the LDS institute geek dance. Both McColley and Jacobson went to the institute dance, McColley said it was off the chain.

Whether you’re going to the Ogden canyon, having a bonfire, or going to the dance, homecoming is sure to provide a lot of great opportunities for students to have fun and participate in the activities Weber State University and the Ogden area has to offer.