90s are back in style

Punk clothes
An example of the grungy plaid trend that has made its way back into the mainstream fashion world.  Plaid grunge was a staple of the 1990s. (Source: McClatchy-Tribune)

Fashion has always been a way of self expression. In today’s fashion world, there are so many different kinds of styles and trends to choose from to define oneself. It just so happens that many of those trends come from past eras.

So what exactly are the current trends? Baylee Berglund, assistant manager of Cotton On, and Rachel Tallman, manager of Cotton On, both agreed that trends like high-waisted pants, floppy hats, fringe and parachute pants are back in style.

“Parachute pants are also known as MC Hammer pants,” Berglund said.

For men’s fashion, Alfredo Cruz, store manager of Pacsun, and Joey Acosta, assistant manager of Pacsun, said that the bucket hats, high top shoes and cardigans are very popular. For women they said that jelly sandals, neon and bold prints are back in style.

Joggers, which are loose fitting and resemble workout pants, are popular for both men and women, Cruz and Acosta said.

“The 80s’ acid-washed jeans are another big item to make its way back into fashion,” said Alfredo.

Overalls, varsity jackets, daisy floral and grungy plaid are also back in mainstream fashion said Chase Hansen, an assistant manager at Layton Hills mall. According to Hansen, the daisy floral and grungy plaid epitomize the 90s.

“Pretty much anything from the movie ‘Clueless’ is back in style,” Hansen said.

Some of these trends tend to be a little more popular than others. Both Cruz and Hansen agreed that joggers have been the most popular retro trend to make a comeback, while Berglund thinks that parachute pants are the  most popular.

Many of the styles from the early eras have tried to make a comeback but have unfortunately failed to do so. Unlike Hansen’s opinion about overalls, Cruz, Acosta, Berglund and Tallman all agree that overalls tried to return to the spotlight but proved to unpopular with fashionistas. Berglund and Rachael mentioned that furry vests also were a trend that fell short.

Crop-tops are another trend that turned out to be not so popular but only in Utah. “Crop tops are way more popular outside of Utah, due to the fact that Utah is conservative,” Hansen said.

Retro trends have come back into fashion, but what are the factors that determine whether or not a trend sticks?

“Celebrities are a huge factor that can influence the comeback of fashion trends,” Hansen said.

Who’s wearing it and pop culture is what Cruz and Acosta think make trends stick around. They also mentioned how a store’s demographic group can also help determine whether or not a style will come back. They explained that if a store’s demographic age is 18 to 30, the store is going to bring in styles that cater to those ages.

As far as recommendations go, Hansen said joggers and plaid are his favorite comeback trends. “Joggers are nice and unique. They are pants, but not,” Hansen said.

Joggers are also a favorite of Cruz’. Pocket tees are Acosta’s favorite trend. For Berglund, pattern mixing and plaid with a graphic tee underneath are two of her favorite trends.