The Jex Dex: Top five competitive moments in professional sports 2013-2014

5. Galen Rupp breaks American record in the 10,000 meter at the Prefontaine Classic.

Who is Galen Rupp? Some have called him the “Great White Hope.” He was a silver medalist in the London Olympics in the 10,000 meter run and holds American records ranging from 3,000 to 10,000 meters. Since he began being coached by American running legend Alberto Salazar, he has been known to chase records in the biggest races.

His 26:44.36 in the Prefontaine Classic this June is special for many different reasons. That time is the third fastest this decade and Rupp is only one of four runners to run under 26:48. After a slower pace at the start of the race, Rupp ran his last 800 meters in 1:57. That is incredible to think that after 23 laps, he had the ability to run that fast and blew the wheels off his competition.

4. The Cup returns to Los Angeles (New York Rangers vs. Los Angeles Kings Game 5 Stanley Cup Finals)

The Kings were more than a Cinderella Story. They were a mix of Rocky and the Mighty Ducks. After winning their first three series in Game 7s  on the other team’s ice, they decided to send the Rangers on vacation with one less piece of hardware.

After almost finishing the series in four games, the Kings seemed poised to put the Rangers out of their misery but there was a human brick wall standing in their way, Henrik Lundqvist. He played a game for the ages and it seemed that he was only getting better with each passing minute. As the second overtime was about to start, you got a feeling that it was going to take a heroic effort to get the puck past him.

But Jonathan Quick was playing just as well and seemed poised to bring the Stanley Cup back to LA for the second time in three years.

Enter Alec Martinez, the defense man who had scored the game-winning goal to oust the Chicago Blackhawks. He found the back of the net off a deflection and all Lundqvist could do was lay there in agony. The heroic effort ended in one flick of the wrist.

3. San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks (2014 NFC Championship game)

Sorry Bronco fans, but this was the Super Bowl in my eyes. Not because the game came down to the last second or that Richard Sherman gave us one of the best rants we may ever see. It was the fact that both teams came to play and both teams felt that they were going to walk off the field being champions. 49ers Tight End Vernon Davis was fully confident going into that final drive that they were going to score.

We all know that didn’t happen as Sherman tipped the Colin Kaerpernick pass into the arms of Malcolm Smith to finish off the comeback. The Seahawks deserved to win the game as they slowly fought their way back into the game and capitalized on the mistakes that the 49ers made.

There is nothing more than two rivals battling it out late in the season for a chance to hoist the Lombardi trophy.

2. Lillard Time (Portland Trailblazers vs. Houston Rockets Game 6)

Damian Lillard sent Wildcat fans into delirium with his game-winning three pointer in the face of Chandler Parsons to win the series. It was a storybook ending for Lillard as he played his best basketball against the Rockets. The whole basketball community was seeing the light that Wildcat faithfuls saw during his playing days at the Dee.

His 25 point, 6 rebound, and 3 assist game is something that will linger in the minds of everyone whenever they think of Lillard or the Blazers.

1. John Brooks’ dream comes true (USA vs. Ghana)

Soccer or fan or not, it wasn’t just the game-winning header from John Brooks that made this game special. As Americans, we hate losing. It’s that simple.

Clint Dempsey, aka Captain America, sent fans in a craze with his goal only 29 seconds into the match. Things couldn’t have started any better, but then as injuries started to pile up, most fans knew that the last few minutes were going to be nerve racking and that proved to be an understatement. A late goal from Ghana seemed to kill some of the USA energy.

But enter a German-American who was making his fifth appearance for the national team and his beautiful header. Brooks had a dream he was going to score a goal, and couldn’t have come at a better time.